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Highlights from the July/August 2012 Massive Summer Double issue of Playboy magazine America’s Sweetheart Jenny McCarthy, Miss July Shelby Chesnes, Interviews with Charlie Sheen and Andy Samberg
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Playboy Magazine, March 2013
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Features How We Lost the Good War Following the 9/11 attacks, sending troops into Afghanistan didn’t seem like such a bad idea—that’s where the terrorists were. Ten years later, as our beleaguered forces slowly withdraw, Shashank Bengali dissects what exactly went wrong. The Lost Photos of Jack Kerouac Greil Marcus on newly discovered images. The Iconoclast Inside director Wes Anderson. By J.C. Gabel The Talented Mr. K Rudy Kurniawan knows wine, writes Wendy Goldman Rohm. Does he also know fraud? Shattered Genius Brett Forrest stakes out the apartment of a math master whose life doesn’t add up. Fiction Live by night Joe Coughlin is in deep. An exclusive preview of the forthcoming novel by Dennis Lehane. Cover Story Jenny McCarthy Our Rabbit would never take a knee—he prefers to run—except in the case of Jenny McCarthy. Of course, no one runs from our 1994 Playmate of the Year, who is making her first pictorial in the magazine since 2005. She’s here to celebrate her new NBC show and her upcoming 40th birthday. We’re here to celebrate her. Pictorials Model Mayhem Nina Kohne, a fashionable Slovenian import, turns heads from East to West. The Bronze Age Our collection of memorable lines.
Columns How Forty Became the New Twenty Why do men in their 40s still act like kids? Joel Stein has a solution. Leave it to Beavers Lisa lampanelli explores the risks of taking your girl to a strip club. Fashion Speed Racer The Red Bull Driver Formula One pilot Mark Webber suits up for summer. By Jennifer Ryan JonesNews & Notes World of Playboy Hef and son Cooper host a luncheon to crown Jaclyn Swedberg the 2012 Playmate of the Year; Hef and his posse chopper to see Kendra, Hank and Hank IV; Steven Tyler of Aerosmith visits the Mansion for Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. Hanging with Hef Playmates hunt for Easter eggs at the Mansion; Jenny McCarthy pays a visit; the Wanted explore the grounds; the girls get cuddly at the San Diego Zoo. Playmate News Pamela Anderson establishes a racing team; a new documentary about Bettie Page; Anna Sophia Berglund comes to party in Project X; Shannon Tweed unveils Attack of the Groupies, a game based on her experiences “protecting” husband Gene Simmons. Playboy Forum Vexed Americana How did we become such a nation of haters, asks Taffy Brodesser-Akner. Give ‘em hell, barry Ishmael Reed hears the calls for the president to denounce Republicans. It worked for Harry Truman, but will it work for Barack Obama? Reader Response Not everyone in War, West Virginia is an addict; Jesus, it’s the president; the fake debt crisis feels real.

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Playboy Magazine, March 2013