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Highlights from the May 2012 Issue of Playboy Magazine Supermodel May Andersen, 20Q Chris Evans, David Brooks, 25 Greatest Rides of All Time.
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Playboy Magazine, March 2013
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Features The Hit King Michael Dolan tails Pete Rose as he signs and signs - and waits. Will he get a second act? Playboy Pad: Art House Street artist Alec Monopoly opens his creative space to Hugh Garvey. Disappearance in the East Want to start over? Faking your death, writes Lawrence Osborne, is one option. But it only works if you can stay dead. Fiction Hollywood Patrol An exclusive preview of the latest best-seller from Joseph Wambaugh. Cover Story You're not seeing double; the sizzling shoot of May Andersen earned four Rabbits. Our man heard May loves flowers, so he hid in plain sight as a bouquet. Women also know the ring's the thing as May shows off her Bunny bling, while rocks of a different sort bring up the rear. Finally, a gentleman always offers up his seat. Pictorials The Body Electric Marlena Vielinska, a former Elite model, has gone behind the lens to create some of the world's most erotic images. We asked for the stories behind her best shots. Columns Sex with Ms. Oscar Our man in Hollywood, Richard Lewis, recalls an early star-fucking adventure - or parts of it, anyway. Commitment: The Other C-Word We all fear commitment, writes Lisa Lampanelli. We need our time and space. But what are you going to do with all that time and space?
News & Notes The World of Playboy Pam Anderson presents Hef with an award from Angelwish, which grants wishes to kids living with chronic illnesses; master of ceremonies Bill Cosby announces the 2012 Jazz Fest lineupl Cooper Hefner and friends hit Rio for Carnival. Playmate News Playmates abound in LMFAO video; Kassie Lyn Logsdon and Kelly (Gallagher) Wearstler open shop; Daphnee Lynn Duplaix on House of Lies; a vote for Tawnni Cable; rembering Anna Nicole. Playboy Forum Reversals Galore The US Supreme Court is set to consider the constitutionality of the FCC's campaign to quash the use of dirty words on TV. Paul Krassner explains what the fuck is going on. Prepare to be Groped The TSA's use of "enhanced pat-downs" is creepy and wrong, says Jennifer Abel. We're safer now but not because of airport grab-ass. Reader Response Are cops at war with their communities?; taxes as slavery; 50 years for a matchbox of weed; bring the troops home; don't expect equal results.

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Playboy Magazine, March 2013