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Highlights from the September 2012 Issue of Playboy Magazine Katrina Darling, Richard Dawkins, 20Q Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Talking with Harmony Korine.
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Playboy Magazine, March 2013
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Features Death of a Salesman Don Lapre was television’s infomercial king, a self-made millionaire living and selling the american dream. His best qualities, however, would end up killing him. Neal Gabler chronicles lapre’s meteoric rise and tragic fall. State of Man 2012 In 1992 Clinton had the votes, Los Angeles was a war zone, and we polled American men on salary, sex and life. Two decades later we take stock again, and the results are in. Where do you stand? Fiction The Way You Look Tonight Another e-mail, another link to click. You think nothing of it-until it reveals a sex tape starring none other than your wife. T.C. Boyle lays bare the aftermath when a hidden past is brought to light. Cover Story It’s not unusual to find our Rabbit in bed—and his good nose naturally led him to the charms of British burlesque queen Katrina Darling, who gained fame when it was discovered she’s related to the wife of the future king of England. Can you blame our Rabbit for wanting the royal treatment? Pictorials Home Alone with Beau Forget the cafés and Heinekens. Beau Hesling is the only attraction in Amsterdam you need to know.
Columns Location, Location, Location Lisa Lampanelli champions the joys of public sex. Oh, the places you’ll go! News & Notes World of Playboy Bill Cosby hosts his last Jazz Fest; London Cries rocks the Mansion; Hef is honored by Hollywood and reunites with Crystal Harris. Hot Fun in the Sun The Mansion hosts a star-spangled Fourth of July: Crystal deejays as Jon Lovitz, Bill Maher, Corey Feldman and others frolic with our patriotic Playmates. Playmate News Hope Dworaczyk prefers a mama’s boy; Crystal McCahill is poised (and posed) for romance; a Playmate’s eye turns to gold. Playboy Forum Demography is Destiny America’s changing population may spell doom for the GOP. melba newsome details what it means for you. We’re All Hookers What differentiates a hand job from a massage? Chip Rowe argues for prostitution, our vaguest vice. Our Corporate Masters Brian Cook exposes how corporate cash strangles democracy.

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Playboy Magazine, March 2013