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Meg Turney


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorRedheads
  • Birthdate03/12/87
  • HometownAustin, Texas

About Meg Turney

Geek goddess and Internet sensation Meg Turney was born March 12, 1987 in Austin, Texas. She became interested in gaming at a young age, playing with her two older brothers. She got involved in cosplay as a teenager and attended her first anime conference, Ushicon 1, at 14.

Meg began her online media career by hosting event coverage for deviantART and appearing on CraveOnline’s TechKnow show. In 2012 she joined SourceFed, and won acclaim for her commentary and her work on shows like Nerdist News. Meg even won an Audience Choice Streamy Award for Series of the Year.

“I’m just a nerd who somehow lucked into turning my passions into my career,” Meg told UK’s Flavour magazine. “I get to talk about gaming, tech, and entertainment news all day, and I travel around the US and even outside the country from time to time doing cosplay at various conventions.”

In 2014, Meg left SourceFed to become a host for Rooster Teeth’s new channel, The Know. In the meantime, her cosplay characters, including Princess Leia, Faye Valentine, and Psycho, and her sexy social media photos, gained her much attention. The photos led to modeling work and Meg landed on Playboy’s list of “25 Hottest YouTube Stars” and FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World.”

Despite the rankings, Meg doesn’t think of herself as a sex symbol. “I was in marching band in high school. I had Lord of the Rings trading cards and binders covered in pictures of Sailor Moon and Legolas,” she told Flavour. “I’m the girl who pulls down her skirt every five steps because she thinks it’s too short. I certainly never considered myself ‘sexy.’”

Meg has spoken openly about her bisexuality, and in 2015 began dating English filmmaker and actor Gavin David Free.