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Miss October 2017

Milan Dixon


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • HometownLas Vegas, Nevada
  • TitlesMiss October 2017

About Milan Dixon

After posing for Playboy, Milan Dixon is not the same person. “I feel like a totally different woman. I feel confident and comfortable,” she says. “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. It’s about being comfortable in my own skin.” It’s hard to believe Dixon would ever not feel comfortable in her own skin, which superficially speaking, is preternatually radiant, but that’s the thing about her. For all of our October 2017’s self-assuredness and ease with herself, she’s got layers. What you see is only a fraction of what you get.

Growing up, the Las Vegas native hung out at her mom’s hair salon where she learned how to braid and style herself. “I used to braid hair in high school. It was a side hustle I had going. Cornrows were my specialty.” She also picked up a gig at TGI Fridays that last longer than some people’s careers, five years to be exact: “First I was a hostess and then a server after I turned 21.” That’s when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and learned success isn’t just contigent on top-notch looks. “Patience and politeness, people. Not to toot my own horn, but personality-wise, that’s what sold everything. I was comfortable with speaking and being myself. I didn’t realize how much my serving skills played a part in my normal life, in modeling, and it did a lot.” So let’s all take a moment to thank your local TGI Fridays.