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Miss March 1964

Nancy Scott


  • Eye Color
  • Hair ColorBlondes
  • Birthdate10/02/41
  • HometownHollywood, CA, USA
  • TitlesMiss March 1964
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About Nancy Scott

AMBITIONS: Interior decorating, and I’d also like to eventually marry and have three little ones and a quiet home away from the city. TURN-ONS: Happy endings, afternoon dates. TURNOFFS: A dinner without a salad. GREAT FOOD: Lamb, seafood (especially crab legs), and salad. IN MY FREE TIME: I like to see shows, but I think just about anything can be entertaining. I’m content to read or just putter around the house. Even sleep to me is entertainment (because of the dreams!). FAVORITE DANCE: The cha-cha – although I’m not much of a dancer. GROWING UP: As a kid, my family lived in Manhattan Beach, California. I consider it home. I had lot of playmates, and a vivid imagination. KEEPING BUSY: I just helped my mother refinish a 300-pound, solid maple tree stump chopping block. I found it in an antique store and talked her into buying it. If I move, I don’t know how I’ll get it into my VW. PLAY ME SOME: Jazz. I’m very fickle from one week to the next about who is my favorite performer. I hear one entertainer and he or she will be the best of all possible – until the next night. I LOVE MY WORK: Because of the contact with people. Most all of the patients are really swell. Children have their misgivings but good or bad, they are always rewarded with a prize.