The Feminist Mystique: Scarlett Byrne's Personal Essay on Nudity and Equality
The Feminist Mystique

The Feminist Mystique: Scarlett Byrne’s Personal Essay on Nudity and Equality

When I first began to play with the idea of doing a pictorial for the magazine, I was primarily motivated by two factors. It was not only to support my fiancĂ©, Cooper Hefner, who is the Chief Creative Officer of Playboy, but also an opportunity to make a statement about equality between the two sexes. As this issue was being put together, Cooper and I had a conversation one evening about the possibility of PLAYBOY publishing a photograph of a woman on the cover showing her breasts. He explained that it would be risky considering some advertisers and business partners would likely take issue with it. The conversation made me think more about the role women are expected to inhabit. Having the opportunity to be part of an iconic American brand that has fought to make sex and other topics considered taboo more mainstream seemed like a unique and special occasion. But the more I thought it over, the more hesitant I became. Simply, my interests lie elsewhere, and modeling…