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Nicole Beharie


  • Eye ColorBrown Eyes
  • Hair ColorBrunettes
  • Birthdate01/03/85
  • HometownWest Palm Beach, Florida

About Nicole Beharie

Just a year passed between Nicole Beharie’s graduation from the acting academy Juilliard School and her first film debut. She played the leading role in 2008’s American Violet, a serious drama based on the true story of a civil rights case.

Nicole has focused on those types of heavy roles. Two years later, she played a struggling university student in Sins of the Mother. More recently, she played the love interest of a sex addict in Shame. (Nicole went on to date co-star Michael Fassbender for two years.)

Since she began portraying Abbie Mills, a police lieutenant leading an investigation on the fantasy TV series Sleepy Hollow, Nicole’s gotten even more attention. “I’ve done independent films, period pieces, things that were clearly aiming to be heart-touching, you know?” she told, reflecting on the modern-day adaptation of the story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” “I didn’t see this show being that thing, but it’s managing to do that for certain people. Online, especially, there’s been so much love. Paintings and GIFs …”

Her Instagram account reveals an intense side, too. Art- and culture-inspired photos, posted without captions or commentary but instead for followers to interpret as they will, make up about half of her posts. “Beharie is no hollow fame-seeker with an uncertain moral compass,” said Slant magazine in a profile of the actress.

Growing up, she was just as into comic books as she was French films. “A Prophet, Last Tango in Paris—I love that kind of stuff, but on the flip side I love X-Men and comic books,” she told “Anything that Harrison Ford was in back in the ‘80s. I love those things, but I’ve never seen myself as a representative. So hats fucking off, hats off to Bob and Alex [Sleepy Hollow creators] and Fox for saying, ‘We’re going to cast this girl as the gun-toting apocalyptic crusader and witness.’ It’s amazing.”

Nicole has dabbled in singing, including soulfully crooning several original songs for the 2011 film My Last Day Without You.