Nikki du Plessis


5' 7"
Hair Color
Eye Color
green eyes
Cape Town, South Africa

About Nikki du Plessis

Take a walk on the wild side with Nikki du Plessis, a model and actress from South Africa. Born in Cape Town and raised in the capital of Pretoria, blonde-haired, green-eyed Nikki has always had her sights set firmly at the top. “South Africa is a beautiful country,” she says, “but I’ve always aspired to go bigger and better. I’m a big city type of girl.” After a couple of years as a top model – named one of FHM’s Top 100 Sexiest Women, no less – Nikki decided to try her hand (and her body) with Playboy. “I actually submitted photos last year, but the timing wasn’t right,” she says. “This time, it was perfect. It’s always been a dream of mine to pose for Playboy – it’s just about the highest achievement for a glamour model.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Nikki isn’t one to sit still – in fact, she’s one to take long, windswept rides on Gauteng’s dusty highways. “I’m the proud owner of a Harley Davidson,” she says. “And I’m really into muscle cars. I’m a bit of a tomboy – actually, there’s nothing but ice cream and Corona in my fridge!” No champagne and roses for our dream girl? “It depends on the mood I’m in,” she says. “Honestly, I want action. My dream man is Bruce Willis!” Speaking of which, when it comes to men, Nikki has a little bit of a laundry list – and lucky for you, her laundry is a little bit dirty. “Mentally, a man has to be intelligent,” she says. “Physically, he should be big and strong. And sexually, he should be very giving.”

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