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Make These 'Westworld' Inspired Cocktails For The Season Finale

Make These ‘Westworld’ Inspired Cocktails For The Season Finale

Since October, most of us have been glued to the TV every Sunday night to watch Westworld, HBO’s fantastic solution to what we should be binging on while Game of Thrones isn’t on. The complex plotlines, the deception, the backstabbing and the eerie conclusion that lifelike robots might be in our near future calls for a drink or two. Will the robopocalypse finally ignite? Is the maze going to be revealed? Is Bernard/Arnold truly gone? So many questions that will hopefully be answered with the season finale this Sunday. With that being said, drinks will be needed. Celebrate the last episode of the season with these on point Westworld inspired cocktail recipes that you can easily make at home. Dolores’ Dream Ingredients • 1 oz Château du Tariquet Blanche Armagnac • 1 oz La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge • ½ oz. lemon juice • 3 oz. premium tonic water Directions Tall, beautiful, and dangerous. This elegant sipper looks gentle, but the white brandy packs a punch. Fill…

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