1% Travel Guide: Cabo, Mexico

By Playboy.com Staff

We explore the the Pacific coast at the Esperaza Resort.

Welcome to the 1% Travel Guide, your bible of the most tricked-out, exclusive destinations that money can buy.

It’s getting towards the end of the week, and your idiot coworkers have been non-stop bragging about the luxury vacations that they’ve skedaddled off to over the past month. You think to yourself, “If these guys can blow their bonuses away in style, why the hell shouldn’t I?” Be it fueled by office peer pressure or not, who doesn’t deserve to live like the stars a few times in their life. But where to go? Europe— overrated. Miami—yuppies. But then a sudden craving for enchiladas hits you. Mexico? Bring it on!

Even though you could take a nice drive drown from LA, you figure you’d rather go down in style and avoid whatever nasty immigration lines that await you. You head over to LAX where you plop down a grand, and demand your first class ticket to paradise…the wife can fly economy. Upon arriving, you decide to rent a convertible Mercedes coupe for the last leg of your journey. As you near the coast, cloud nine emerges on the cliffs above the waves; welcome to The Esperanza Resort Cabo.

Upon arriving at the temple-like stone and wood entrance overlooking the property, you’re memorized by the setting in front of you. Private villas and residences, room numbers that barely reach past 50, and infiniti pools that seem to flow into the Baja’s sea of Cortez without worry. As your wife drags you away to your three-bedroom luxury suite, you smell the sea air and hear the welcome ping of a golf club meeting its target. This is going to be a sweet trip.

As you enter your ‘humble’ abode, your jaw drops at what you’re seeing: massive living room space, a hammock swinging in the wind, and a huge gourmet kitchen that your wife is already begging you for. Heading outside to your private garden courtyard, you’re flabbergasted by the private pool and spa that just happens to be awaiting you. While your wife has no problem stripping down and jumping in,  you feel the need to check that bill you just signed. That’s when you notice that extra zero…$750 a night? No. $7500! There goes retirement…might as well enjoy it.

Now that you’ve admitted defeat on the pricing, you get down to living the one percent lifestyle: exploring the local surf spots of Santa Lucia de Los Cerritos; watching your wife and her new friends basking on the white sandy beaches; and getting convinced to have something called a ‘Corona Beer Facial’.  You swear that you can just spill beer on yourself at home, but hey, when in Mexico right?

As you relax away the rest of your luxurious vacation, enjoying the Argentinian BBQ menu by a bonfire on the beach, or dining in the signature tiki-style restaurant Cocina del Mar; the realization hits you that this can’t last forever. Your days of private pools and championship golf courses are drawing to a close, which means you have two opinions if you ever want to live like this again: get a job on Wall Street (good luck), or find those bastards who won the Mega Millions lottery last week. Share some love of that $656 million!

Check out the Esperanza at www.esperanzaresort.com


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