1% Travel Guide: Cancun

By Playboy.com Staff

We take a trip to the ultra-luxurious Sandos Cancun to catch the last rays of summer in the Caribbean. From underwater sculptures, to Mayan drinks; this is where the 1% go to relax.

Welcome to the 1% Travel Guide, your bible of the most tricked-out, exclusive destinations that money can buy.

It’s been over a month now since you had a blast in the wild depths of Singapore. While you still long for the exotic beauties and raging nightlife, you’ve been advised to hold off on your next excursion to that region until the locals calm down from seeing Kate Middleton. Here in the U.S., the mercury is slowly lowering like a limbo pole. You figure that you’ll escape once more to the Caribbean while the heat is still beating down and the European coeds are still frolicking before their departure for something called college. But where to go? The Dominican q is already booked for the holidays and the Dominican is nice in spring; you decide Cancun is the place for you.

Disembarking from your executive charter from Los Angeles, the warm humid breeze off the gulf caresses your face with the smells of salt and sand. While it’s true you can get the same stuff strolling down the beautiful beaches of Venice and Santa Monica, there’s something more sensual about seeing a beautiful Latina rushing into the untouched waters of Mexico than the grime and sweat of a steroid-laden she-man comparing her biceps with the men of Muscle Beach.

After checking in to the gorgeous and exclusive Sandos Cancun, you marvel at the view from your $1200-plus per night Presidential Suite. You enjoy a lime-tinged cerveza on your expansive balcony at sunset, taking in the nightly show as the horizon changes from golden yellow and crimson to indigo and countless shades of blue. Amid the now-vacant sun chairs laid out on the golden beach, you notice the sexy silhouette of a topless young woman straddling the water line, watching the schooners and yachts return to their darkened berths.

Your first full day at the Sandos, previously the equally exclusive Le Méridien, begins on the sunny terrace opposite a young woman you believe to be the same from last night. While testing out some of the more exotic freshly picked local fruits, you indulge in your first drink of the day, a specialty Mayan coffee combined with the exotic Xtabentún honey liquor which is produced nearby. With an ounce or two of liquid courage on board, you introduce yourself to the vacationing beauty and strike up a conversation that heats up as much as the sun overhead.

You bid adieu with a promise of cocktails and dinner with the telenovela actress from Mexico City, then book a trip through the resort’s concierge to a local art gallery. Arriving at the mostly barren spot by luxury shuttle, you inform the driver that you must have the wrong locale; chuckling, the driver tells you in broken English, “Amigo, this is no typical art spot.” You wander over to a group where you’re instructed to don flippers for your visit to the Underwater Sculpture Museum (below).

Back at the Sandos, after relaxing from your dive with a deep Swedish massage, you test out the resort’s three infinity plunge pools, each with a different temperature, said by the Romans and Ancient Chinese to increase blood flow, vitality and overall health — which could come in handy on a solo venture down south.

After the first cocktail with your mystery woman in the swanky but moody Piano Lounge went off with a bang, the flying sushi and fresh seafood at the Sandos’ aerobatic in-house Japanese restaurant gave her some flexible ideas for dessert. The rest of your week is spent leisurely sprawling on the beach with your late-late-summer fling, hitting a few rounds seaside at the Playa Mujeres Golf Club and diving and snorkeling in the crystal blue depths of the resort’s Water Sports Center. As always, the relaxation eventually comes to an end, with promises of an extended trip to the capital city and another round of Mexican delight. Where to next is always the question, but when the world’s your oyster, anything is possible in the One Percent Travel Guide. 

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