1% Travel Guide: Lupita Island, Tanzania

By Playboy Staff

We hitch a ride with the Wall Street crowd to check out the most exclusive destinations across the globe.

Welcome to the 1% Travel Guide, your bible of the most tricked-out, exclusive destinations that money can buy.

You’ve been stuck in the same dead-end job for the past 10 years, and your micro-managing CEO meddles in everything but your daily coffee. One day you decide to say screw it, head to your credit-established facility of choice, and take out a chunk of cash sizable to your yearly income. Now where to blow it? Sports Car, Girlfriend—not a chance. What’s the most logical option? Mind-blowing vacation!

Take a traditional wooden boat as you explore the clear green water

You board your 747 jet (first class with champagne all the way), and touch down under the hot skies of Africa. You see the tallest mountain on the continent, Kilimanjaro, and while for a second your ego takes control and wants to conquer it, you settle with a snapshot. You charter a private Cessna and take off to the Tanzanian wilderness with hopes you avoid landing amongst toothy wildlife.

Wake up to the African sun and hopefully no wildlife in your room. (exception: girlfriend)

Your destination of choice appears as a private island paradise floating inside Africa’s second largest lake (which is actually the size of the span between LA and San Fran). As your personal boat service cruises you from the Arusha landing strip to the 130-acre Lupita Island, you can’t help but marvel at what you’ve been missing all these years..


Full-board accommodation All government taxes Community Fee Local transfer from airstrip to the island House wines & spirits Laundry Selected excursions Experience of a lifetime

Arriving on the secluded beach, you grab a drink at the bar overlooking the canyon while your luxury cottage is finished being prepped. After being assured the local wildlife will not invite themselves into your $2200/night open-air paradise; you chill out in the plunge pool while your girl heads to the spa. Despite the fact there are only 13 such cottages for visitors, you’re eager to  head down early for dinner where the regional chefs  are cooking up a range of dishes you can’t pronounce.

Enjoy the wilderness with the only other people on the island.

On this radical vacation, you are king of this land and with this come perks. It’s pretty awesome to have an in-house botanist (plant expert who helps you avoid the rash-causing varieties); and also a resident ornithologist (bird expert who can help you decipher the difference between an ostrich and a swallow). If you feel like checking out what you’re missing underwater, grab your snorkel and head on down for a tour or  sign up for  adrenaline-pumping, professional lake diving lessons.

Go on a private safari in the bush.

If you’re more of the adventurous type, there’s nothing a few more greenbacks can bring you.  You can schedule a helicopter tour to explore by air, or play tag with a couple lions on a Serengeti bush tour. If you aren’t in the mood for  big cats, then connect with the locals while channeling Indiana Jones and discover an unknown village in the wilderness. Seriously, how can this not the trip of your life?

Finish off your days lounging around a bonfire with a  single-malt scotch in hand. Where will you head next? Check back soon to find out on the 1% Travel Guide.

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