1% Travel Guide: Singapore

By Playboy.com Staff

The world’s most exclusive travel bible heads to the Far East to the temptations of Asia and the action-packed Marina Bay.

Welcome to the 1% Travel Guide, your bible of the most tricked-out, exclusive destinations that money can buy.

It’s been a while since your last adventure into exuberance and luxury stateside at the Hotel ZaZa in Houston and even longer since your last overseas excursion, when you witnessed both Princess Kate and her sexy cousin Katrina Darling putting on quite a show for the public at the 2012 London Olympic Games. While mulling over your options over a glass or two at the local bistro, a gorgeous Asian woman enters the lounge and struts down the middle of the room like an untouchable beauty making her way down the catwalk.  Your decision is immediate: it’s time to visit Asia. And where better to get acquainted with the orient than Singapore.

You board the massive double-decker Airbus A380 and are guided to your private suite by the Singapore Airlines hostess. As you settle down into the hand-stitched Italian lounger for takeoff, you marvel at the amenities in these prestigious cabins of the sky: standalone beds with turndown service, leather and wood accents, Givenchy tableware, crystal goblets and 23-inch LCD screens for the state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment center, the largest in the sky, the hostess informs you while pouring a glass of Grand Cru Burgundy. What a steal at just $13,500 round-trip!

Upon arrival at the Mandarin Oriental Singapore overlooking the city’s Marina Bay, you glimpse the last rays of sun skimming along the Pacific as the gleaming skyscrapers of the Southeast Asian city-state begin lighting up the night sky for countless miles. As one of the highest per capita income earners in the world, the citizens of Singapore are well versed in the ways of the rich and famous. The ease of having English as an official language, a hangover from its time as a British territory, makes the city ideal for gauging the culture before your future trips to the East.

Upon returning to the Mandarin, you make your way to the Presidential Suite, where you bask in the 2600-plus square feet of living opulence. The view from one of the dual balconies across the water or to the vast skyline is worth every penny of the S$5,500 per night (approximately US$4,500), but you’re much more excited about the two designer bedrooms, each with a massive king-sized bed.

You’d be more than happy to relax with a bottle of Ruinart Brut from the Oriental’s cellars in your grand living room, but there is so much more to do in this than waste away in your luxury fort. You begin your days in paradise with a Champagne Breakfast in the hotel’s VIP Oriental Club before you’re whisked away by private limousine to the top-tier Sentosa Golf Club, considered to be one of the top golfing destinations in all of Asia. After practicing your five-iron swing with the Playboy Golf Bunnies who happen to be bouncing around the course, you have the attendant at the spa give you an intense experience with a special bamboo massage.

You take a spin on the 165-meter Singapore Flyer wheel, glimpse the (former) red-light district of Bugis Street and party your nights away to legendary beats alongside the ladies of the Zouk Complex. After some recuperation in the submerged sun beds of the Greek-style pool, a tantalizing experience at the in-house Wasabi Bistro or Cherry Garden and an authentic Singapore Sling at the Axis Lounge, you’re all too keen to experience the debauchery of the local nightlife once again. As your stay comes to an end, you vow to return to explore the mysteries that still await; soon enough, you pack your bags and are off once again. Just another closed chapter of the one percent travel guide.

Check it out at www.mandarinoriental.com/singapore.


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