10 Things a Male Pornstar Will Never Tell You

By Jonathan Stewart

<p>Pornstar Keiran Lee has starred in more than 800 adult movies and now he's here to reveal the secrets of the male pornstar. <br></p>

British pornstar Keiran Lee has starred in more than 800 adult movies, been in the industry for over 12 years and his penis is insured for one million dollars through Lloyd’s of London. After coming to America in 2005 he signed an exclusive contract with Brazzers, the Internet adult entertainment giant, and he’s recently begun directing for the porn company, too. Lee’s experienced everything a porn performer can and knows every angle when it comes to the adult industry. He spoke to Playboy.com to reveal the insider knowledge of his job, bust some common myths about porno and spill the secrets of the male pornstar.


When we asked Lee what the biggest myths about porn are, he immediately brought up “fluffers,” as it’s a topic he’ll often get asked about. “The number one question I frequently have from people, and I get this one a lot from men coming up to me to ask, ‘Hey is it true? Are there really fluffers on set?’ They seem almost disappointed when I tell them the truth.”

What’s a fluffer? According to popular locker room gossip, porno productions have a woman on set who never appears on camera but is there solely to give the man an erection and to maintain his erection between takes. But, according to Lee, fluffers are pure myth. “There’s no such thing as a fluffer. In the hundreds of scenes I’ve shot I’ve never seen one, and in all my time in the industry I’ve never heard of a fluffer on any set, at any time in the history of pornography; they’re simply an urban legend.”


Even though Lee is married to fellow adult star (and former Playboy TV host) Kirsten Price, their personal sex life is different from what we see on the screen. “We have very different sex than what we do on camera. I can screw all day for my job, but my wife knows exactly what buttons to push, so I can last hours on set but there are times I go only 30 seconds with my wife.”

The sex you see on camera is not the sex performers have in their personal lives. “You get to sleep with the world’s most beautiful women, but it’s not the sex you’re having at home, it’s a performance.” Lee reminds us that pornstars have to consider the hot lights, the camera and the positions. Also, as important as his role is, the audience is there for the women—so a male pornstar wants to do everything he can to make the girl look good. “Help find the angles to show up the woman and her looks. If the girl has a mole or something the guy actually will cover it and hide it to make it look better.”

Keiran Lee’s wife, Kirsten Price.


Performing in adult movies is work, but Lee never gets tired of having sex. Porn sex might be different than what goes on in a pornstar’s private sex life, but it’s still hot in its own distinct way.

“Of course the sex for the cameras feels good, it’s great! And you have to have some pleasure and passion there. You have to find it as a performer and the director has to create the atmosphere for it.”

Lee refers to his own experience as a director. When he’s directing, he tells the performers to “do what they want” and works with them so that the sex is hot and as organic as possible. “I think we can all tell when in a porno a director is directing too much because you’ll see a very mechanical timed switching between position, position, position,” he says, adding, “It’s not really fluid. When I’m behind the camera, I’ll tell the performers ‘Look natural and just make it passionate,’ and I think that looks better on film.”


Lee complains that, after fluffers, the biggest myth and biggest misrepresentation is that pornstars live a 24/7 party lifestyle. “When movies and TV shows portray pornstars it’s always showing them leading a rock-and-roll party lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. For the most part it’s not true.” Lee stresses, “We’re professionals like other professionals and if you live your life that way you’ll burn out and not be able to do your job.”

Are there pornstars out there living that life? “Sure,” Lee says. However, there are probably accountants and insurance adjusters spending all their time and money at the clubs too. “I have fun, most of us in the business do, and I have the best job on the planet! To succeed you have to draw some lines and remember it is work.” Lee continues, “You have to be on set on time, be sober and be reliable. How are you going to do that if your life is one big bash?”


Every day Lee hears from men asking his advice on how to become a pornstar. It happens in person, but mostly online or via Twitter, where he gets the question 10 to 15 times daily. Fortunately, he has some solid advice on the topic: “Contact the adult talent agencies that actually have guys on the roster and offer to do your first couple of scenes for free.” Directors and porn companies don’t want to take a chance on a new guy in case he can’t do the work. “If you’re no good in front of the camera or can’t get wood, it costs everyone money.” Time is money, he explains. “If the crew is sitting around waiting for some guy to get hard, it gets expensive.”

Lee tells men who want into the industry to do their first few scenes for free to demonstrate they can do the job and then build themselves up from there. Lee cautions, “When you’re first starting out you may not have your pick of the kinds of scenes you’ll be in.” The aspiring male pornstar will have to work his way up to the choice scenes. He elaborates, “To start you get the gangbangs with one girl and 10 guys, and you have to prove yourself in those kinds of scenes.”


Most of Keiran Lee’s friends and family know that he’s a pornstar, and he sees no reason to live a double life and try to hide his career. “I’ve been doing it 12 years now, so all my friends and family knows what I do, they see that I’m doing well for myself and I’m not hurting anyone, and not hurting myself.” Referring back to the earlier myth of the out-of-control pornstar, Lee says, “I’m the opposite of that, and my loved ones know that and they know me, so I can be open about what I do.” Lee makes a fair amount of money, which he invests and saves, and his friends and family are proud of his material success.

Plus, he tells us, in the age of the Internet there’s no hiding what you do when you’re a famous pornstar; everyone’s going to find out, so you might as well tell them on your own terms. It was difficult at first. “I had to go through telling people. I told my mom and it took her a while to adjust, but she did, and even now my mom doesn’t call me a pornstar, she calls me an erotic model.”


With literally hundreds and hundreds of appearances in adult films, not to mention a famous million-dollar penis, Lee is a star and with that come the positives and negatives of fame. “It’s amazing. I’m recognized everywhere I go—I have adoring fans coming up to me. A stranger buys me drinks in the pub. I went to a soccer match and everyone started chanting my name. It’s a trip, it’s fantastic.”

Like any celebrity, it can be a downside when overenthusiastic fans come up to him when he just wants to live his private life. “One time I was at a game with my young goddaughter and obviously she doesn’t know what I do and it wasn’t great to have people coming up and telling me, ‘I saw you in that amazing anal scene.’ I love my fans, but they don’t always respect my boundaries.”

Keiran Lee and Kirsten Price acting in a Brazzers scene together.


Ron Jeremy may not be much to look at, but he’s the exception—it helps a male pornstar to stay in shape. “It’s more acceptable for women to watch porn and they want to see a good-looking, in-shape guy. Really no one, from the girls you’re performing with to the people watching at home, wants to watch some naked paunchy guy do this for 35 to 40 minutes.” Lee has a gym regime, with boxing being his primary go-to for exercise.

Beside looking good on camera, there are also the physical demands of the job. Being fit assists in his performance and endurance. “I did do yoga for a long time; that helped keep me limber. You do have to be a bit fit.” Lee tells us he has no specific regimen for those impressive sex positions we see him pull off. “When it comes to positions, the porn positions are pretty standard and it can depend on the male performer how extreme the position is—if he’s really strong then maybe a more extreme pose. Personally I do like to mix it up when it’s possible.”


Another stereotype Lee looks to address is that the adult industry is something desperate people get into and then are desperate to get out of. “It’s a career, a great one. It can be difficult to enter the industry. Why would anyone work so hard to get in then want out right away? It’s not a gig you do quickly for easy money, then get trapped in. As long as I can still perform I’ll still perform.” He sees no reason to flee from porn and he’s not in any rush to leave. That’s not to say he won’t go in different directions if other opportunities arise.

He’d like to do more directing, and with pornstars like James Deen and Sasha Grey now starring in mainstream movies, Lee is open to broader opportunities in the acting field. “Performing in porn could take me in a totally different direction; you can never really say with this industry.” Lee speculates further about his professional future, “I’d like to stay, but you never know what’s around the corner, especially with the doors that can open up, maybe a door into mainstream Hollywood.”


Lee’s final piece of insider knowledge is really no secret at all: humans are sexual creatures and the majority of people watch porn. Yet, the adult industry is far from accepted in general society. “There’s a perception of the porn industry as a dirty industry in many senses of the word.” He points to the recent debates about the use of condoms in porn. “I hear pundits complaining we don’t use condoms in scenes, but people are not educated enough in the sense of pornstars are more tested than anyone else for STDs, we get tested every 10 to 14 days.”

The socially conservative “red states” are the largest consumers of Internet porn in the country, but politicians from those areas are the first to preach the evils of porn. “There’s a certain hypocrisy from many quarters about adult entertainment; porn is so popular in the U.S. and worldwide, but adult films and all of us, the people who make them, are still so looked down upon.” Lee believes moving past the prudish objections to porn would be to society’s benefit. “I think it would be better for everybody if we can accept and embrace pornography: it’s natural, healthy and best of all…it’s a lot of fun!”


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