10 Tax Day Freebies

By Playboy.com Staff

We give you our top 10 list of where to get the best free stuff this year!

Hear ye, hear ye, the tax man visits today! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, today is tax day and as the remainder of you struggle to complete those lovely W-2’s, and grudgingly fill out form 1099 understand that you are not alone. Along with your American brethren, you too can break free of this depressing, unfortunate day by indulging in a time honored tradition associated with this occasion: Tax Day Freebies!

We’ve put together our top 10 list of free food, cheap drinks, even a rubdown for you to enjoy! We challenge you to complete the list, but hurry, these deals are going fast!

10) Chevys – Two Margaritas for $10.40 (Plus No Taxes!) (Click: HERE)

Reason to use: Alcohol numbs the sensation of clinging to your emptying wallet.

9) ARBY’s – Free Curly Fries (Like on Facebook: HERE)

Reason to use: They’re fries, and they’re curly; nuff said.

8) Chili’s Bar & Grill – Free Appetizer or Dessert (Claim on Facebook: HERE)

Reason to use: Grab a friend and share both (Clarification: Female Friend).

7) Seattle’s Best Coffee “The Great American Coffee Refund” (Check it out: HERE)

Reason to use: Caffeine is needed after staying up all night filing.

6) Panda Express – Free Shanghai Angus Steak (Offer on Facebook: HERE)

Reason to use: It’s free steak! Do you need another reason?

5) Boston Market – Buy one meal, get one free (Coupon: HERE)

Reason to use: Marshmallow-topped sweet potato pie.

4) Cinnabon – Two Free “Bites” between 6-8PM today.

Reason to use: Need something to eat with #3 below.

3) Maggie Moo’s Yogurt - Free Scoop between 4-7PM today (Locations: HERE)

Reason to use: Gym memberships cost $$, FroYo is low fat.

2) White Castle – Buy one, get one Chicken Breast Sandwich (Coupon: HERE)

Reason to use: Who can really eat just one?

1)     1) HydroMassage – Free Massage between April 16-20 (Click for locations: HERE)

Reason to use: Everybody loves a happy ending.


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