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10 Tax Day Freebies
  • April 17, 2012 : 08:04
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Hear ye, hear ye, the tax man visits today! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, today is tax day and as the remainder of you struggle to complete those lovely W-2’s, and grudgingly fill out form 1099 understand that you are not alone. Along with your American brethren, you too can break free of this depressing, unfortunate day by indulging in a time honored tradition associated with this occasion: Tax Day Freebies!

We’ve put together our top 10 list of free food, cheap drinks, even a rubdown for you to enjoy! We challenge you to complete the list, but hurry, these deals are going fast!

10) Chevys – Two Margaritas for $10.40 (Plus No Taxes!) (Click: HERE)

Reason to use: Alcohol numbs the sensation of clinging to your emptying wallet.

9) ARBY's – Free Curly Fries (Like on Facebook: HERE)

Reason to use: They’re fries, and they’re curly; nuff said.

8) Chili’s Bar & Grill – Free Appetizer or Dessert (Claim on Facebook: HERE)

Reason to use: Grab a friend and share both (Clarification: Female Friend).

7) Seattle’s Best Coffee “The Great American Coffee Refund” (Check it out: HERE)

Reason to use: Caffeine is needed after staying up all night filing.

6) Panda Express – Free Shanghai Angus Steak (Offer on Facebook: HERE)

Reason to use: It’s free steak! Do you need another reason?

5) Boston Market – Buy one meal, get one free (Coupon: HERE)

Reason to use: Marshmallow-topped sweet potato pie.

4) Cinnabon – Two Free “Bites” between 6-8PM today.

Reason to use: Need something to eat with #3 below.

3) Maggie Moo’s Yogurt - Free Scoop between 4-7PM today (Locations: HERE)

Reason to use: Gym memberships cost $$, FroYo is low fat.

2) White Castle – Buy one, get one Chicken Breast Sandwich (Coupon: HERE)

Reason to use: Who can really eat just one?

1)     1) HydroMassage – Free Massage between April 16-20 (Click for locations: HERE)

Reason to use: Everybody loves a happy ending.

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