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16 Bit World In The 21st Century
  • April 25, 2012 : 12:04
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Although Cobbs’ intentions are purely of passion, in a nation that’s facing an economic depression many consumers are looking to products that remind them of better times in their lives. “Life is always moving us in new directions, toward new challenges and passions. But some things, the things we truly love, help us remember who we are and where we've been: they ground us, relax us and comfort us, giving us hope when times are tough.” After hitting the front page of many tech blogs, Nightmare Busters reached its 600 copy pre-order limit, proving the niche for retro games was larger than many would have thought.

"Faux retro, as I like to call it, seems to be one of the current trends.” Joked Cobb, “In my opinion it doesn't deliver anywhere near the same level of quality as the real thing, but to each their own. My hope is that this trend inspires people to investigate the real deal, and discover why the knock-offs try so hard to emulate it.”

It does seem that a retro niche has emerged in the gaming industry. There are a wide range of 8 bit game apps available for smartphones, like Nyan Cat which ended up hitting the top seller list, as well as games like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World which was made available on the PS3 online store when the film was released in theatres. Although it may be against what Cobb’s company is about, it has definitely boosted their audience.

“Our company's first commercial product was a large role-playing game (RPG) for the Sega Genesis, produced on a brand new game cartridge.” Explains Cobb, “At the time, no one else had tried that and many people thought I was nuts. But we sold through the game so quickly that our factory could barely keep up with demand! My confidence was justified in a big way. The announcement of Nightmare Busters created a much larger stir, with brick and mortar game shops in Japan requesting bulk orders. We hadn't previously received a great deal of business from Japan, perhaps due to the fact that our past titles were mostly English language RPGs, so this was a pleasant surprise.”

Nightmare Busters, a “run and gun” 18 bit game follows the story of two twin do-gooder leprechauns, Flynn and Floyd, who have to battle an evil tyrant who has discovered a way to enter and warp what children see, hear and feel while they sleep. Equipped with two player mode, six stages and a fairly large assortment of weaponry to battle evil along the way, it’s no wonder why people are clamoring to get their own copy. Who wouldn’t want to travel back in time with the excitement of playing a never before seen SNES game?

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  • Anonymous
    Not a word on the other "abandoned" systems they worked on, just SNES and Genesis? Too bad.