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20 Greatest Songs with Swearing
  • March 21, 2014 : 07:03
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In this early punk classic, singer Chrissie Hynde has the hots for some rock stud, and the feeling is entirely mutual. She likes the way he crosses the street; he bruises her hip in bed; they have sex all over Cleveland, etc. Finally, as the song peaks, she decides it’s time to bail: “Trapped in a world that they never made / But not me baby / I’m too precious / I had to fuck off.” Except she swallows “I had to,” and so what you hear is Hynde spitting “fuck off” at her fuck buddy with the same ferocity Johnny Rotten reserved for the queen of England.

Twenty-something Oberlin graduate Phair wakes up in yet another rando’s bed, more bummed than angry with herself, more exasperated than enraged with the man-child next to her. “I can feel it in my bones / I’m gonna spend another year alone,” goes the weary bridge, and then the pickax chorus: “It’s fuck and run, fuck and run / Even when I was 17 / Fuck and run, fuck and run / Even when I was 12.” It’s an acute depiction of the despair that sometimes accompanies freedom, and it’s as hummable as a Subway commercial.

Thanks to her multifaceted use of the C word on her staggering debut single, fans of this Harlem rapper, à la Justin Bieber’s Beliebers, have taken to calling themselves Kunts. (Kool!) At the end of the first verse, Banks brags that she’s so fine even your straight girlfriend will want to “lick my plum.” “I guess that cunt getting eaten,” she repeats four times, in case you missed it the first three. Later, she taunts her competitors (Nicki Minaj?): “Who are you, bitch, new lunch? / I’m-a ruin you, cunt.” Pro Tip to the Fellas, Part 2: Forget what you just read, and never, ever speak this word in any context. (Exception: drunken Scotsmen. Then it’s funny.)

It’s hard as fuck to pick only one Prince song. We could have gone with “Sexy M.F.,” “Erotic City,” even “Irresistible Bitch.” In “Let’s Pretend We’re Married,” a frisky New Wave dance tune from the album 1999, a guy who’s been dumped spots a single lady named Marsha and tries to seduce her with frankness and humor. “I’m not saying this just to be nasty / I sincerely wanna fuck the taste outta your mouth,” Prince hisses. A song so filthy, Eddie Murphy turned it off when he drove his Porsche 928 past St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1983.

When you name your San Francisco–based punk band Dead Kennedys, releasing a single called “Too Drunk to Fuck” is no biggie. In 1981 the song remarkably reached the Top 40 on the U.K. singles chart; in listings the title was excised to “Too Drunk To.” (To what? Gob?) Best couplet: “You give me head / It makes it worse / Take out your fuckin’ retainer / Put it in your purse.”

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  • Tony
    You forgot the grand daddy of all cuss songs. "Kick Out the Jams", by the MC5 FROM lINCOLN pARK, mi (Detroit)