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20Q Scott Speedman
  • December 13, 2012 : 15:12
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PLAYBOY: We heard you hate social media. What do you have against Twitter?

SPEEDMAN: I hate stuff that breaks the wall between a movie or a TV show and the people it’s made for. You want people to buy in, to believe this fiction we’re working so hard to make. So when you have cameras at rehearsals, people blogging and tweeting everything behind the scenes, what happens to the magic? “Hey, everyone, Scott’s eating a sandwich.” Your personal life becomes your currency. I hate that. So if you see a tweet from me—and they’re out there—you know it’s fake.


PLAYBOY: A magazine once raved about your “out-of-control dimples.” Care to comment?

SPEEDMAN: [Laughs] That magazine was correct. You can’t control these dimples. They are uncontrollable.


PLAYBOY: Have you ever had a stalker?

SPEEDMAN: I’ve had weird experiences here and there, but overall I’ve been lucky. People get a little crazy sometimes. I had a guy fall off my roof a couple of years ago. He’d been in the house—that was a little creepy—but when it happened I was just sitting around. I heard a crash and ran outside. He knew my name. “Hey, Scott.” He had separated his shoulder, and he asked me to pop it back in. I’m like, “Well, no, let’s call the professionals.”


PLAYBOY: Last Resort is filmed in Hawaii. That’s a far cry from Canada.

SPEEDMAN: It’s great, different. I live on this crazy old property in the mountains over Honolulu, in a house from the 1880s. It had a broken-down tennis court that I turned into a little basketball court. I put up a really nice hoop. And I’m not the only one shooting. It’s like a rain forest there, and these giant wild boars run around. The boars are big and fierce, and they cause agricultural problems, so every Saturday a pig hunter comes over. He sits up in a tree with a bow and arrow, taking down the wild boars.


PLAYBOY: Did you watch submarine movies to prep for Last Resort? There’s a whole subgenre—

SPEEDMAN: A lot of them! Crimson Tide, with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington, is very effective. It’s underrated. The Hunt for Red October is pretty good. And now I have to watch Yellow Submarine.


PLAYBOY: It was only in 2010 that the Navy allowed women on submarines.

SPEEDMAN: That’s right. They figured you can’t have that sort of fraternization 300 feet down. For one thing there’s nowhere to walk out to.


PLAYBOY: In Last Resort you and your crew are basically at war with the U.S. It’s a mutiny: You’re ordered to nuke Pakistan, and when you won’t, America wants to destroy you. Is there a political message here?

SPEEDMAN: It’s a drama. You’d never make a show about a real nuclear submarine, because nothing ever happens. Which is good! The goal is no drama, since drama equals nuclear war. So you need a plot—a crazy captain, a conspiracy—to make it exciting to not fire your nuclear weapons. It’s not political, but I hope it tracks with real life, you know? Because I hope we can avoid war. That’s not a Canadian pacifist thing. It’s common sense.


PLAYBOY: Is there anybody you think of as a role model for the part?

SPEEDMAN: Pat Tillman, the Cardinals safety who left the NFL to fight in Afghanistan and was killed there. To look at him you’d think he was a straight-up jock, but he was this driven, fascinating guy who would figure out what was right and then do it, no matter what. I’m trying to bring a Pat Tillman quality to my character.


PLAYBOY: If Last Resort doesn’t blow up the world, will you make more movies? With your jawline, dimples, athleticism and great hair, you’d be a natural for X-Men or The Avengers.

SPEEDMAN: I’d love to do a superhero movie. It’s not as though it hasn’t come up, but not every superhero script is Christopher Nolan’s Batman. I’ve had an ambivalent energy about some of those projects, and that’s not the way to get the part. They want you to come in fierce. It’s an American energy that doesn’t come easy to me. They want you to grab it—take it by the balls and run with it like Captain America!


PLAYBOY: Maybe you’re more cut out for another part. Captain Canada?

SPEEDMAN: Ha! That’s me. But he might not be the best action hero. Captain Canada would be the polite one, so where’s the drama? He’s the superhero who never fights anybody.

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