4 Haunted Houses That Will Scare the $#%^ Out of You

By Playboy.com Staff

Halloween is around the corner so we've rounded up the best American haunted houses you need to check out.

Blackout Haunted House – New York/L.A.

Blackout House is a whole other kind of attraction; can you think of any other haunted house that makes you sign a waiver before entering? There are rules: you must wear a protective mask, must walk through alone and must carry the provided flashlight at all times, and there’s no chance in hell you’re going to find any scared little teenagers running around since the place is 18-plus. Once inside, you give all of your rights away and must give into any and every command barked at you by the ones who reside in the house. There’s a lot of physical contact, sexual and violent situations to get through, too, so if you can’t bear the thought of being strapped to a chair with a bag over your head you’ll need to yell “SAFETY” to be escorted out immediately.

PennHurst Asylum – Spring City, Pennsylvania

PennHurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania has a long history of abusing its patrons in unimaginable ways, and after being closed for 25 years, it’s reopening its doors hoping to accept a new wave of patients. Many of the artifacts and items used in the attraction were a part of the real state school, and there are four separate attractions on the grounds for you to explore. From weaving through the real labyrinths of old cells to creeping your way through the bowels of the asylum catacombs, there’s no telling what will trigger your nightmares.

Sinister Pointe – Brea, California

The guys at Sinister Pointe do not mess around. This interactive haunted house has no particular storyline, which means your fate lies in your hands. The monsters at Sinister Pointe have no issues getting in your face and are camouflaged so well you may not even know they are there. Everyone raves about the eerie swamp scene, but our favorite part of this maze is that the entire time you’re there you rarely see anyone else going through. Whoever you bring to Sinister Pointe is the only one that will be able to save you from what lies at every turn!

13th Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Evolving year-round, this 40,000 square foot haunted house is incredible. Thanks to the number of movies that are filmed in Louisiana, there are a lot of carpenters and special effects masters who lend a hand to improve the highly popular haunted house. The owner likes to mix Louisiana history and foreign movies and employs over 100 cast members to roam the halls hoping to grab their next prey.

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