5 Face Products You Should Have in Your Cabinet

By Playboy.com Staff

We review the 5 best face products you should be using today.

It’s almost summer, so you need to look and smell your best, which should always start with a fresh face. Permanent five-o’clock shadows need to disappear and it’s time to stop using that old cologne as your aftershave. We’ve scoured drugstores and retailers for the best stuff out there and painstakingly tried out products so that you don’t have to. Here’s our list of the best concoctions we tested; if they’re in our bathrooms, they should be in yours.

Pre Shave Oil by êShave - $20

It’s amazing what a few drops of this stuff and five minutes can do in terms of avoiding the usual pain of shaving after a couple days’ hiatus. Serving to lubricate the skin and soften your beard, this oil conditions your skin with vitamins while helping you to avoid razor burn. Pretty sweet!

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Cremo Face Wash - $8

Cremo’s face wash is soap-free, so expect a less slick texture when using it. The product texture is a little off-putting at first—similar to washing your face with liquid plastic. But it rinses away easily to reveal super-soft skin without excess dryness, so you can use it daily with ease.

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Proraso Shaving Cream - $11

The Proraso cream will change the way you shave, and once you dive in to this level of product, you will never go back to the drugstore brands again. While the initial price may seem high, all you need for a thick lather is a pea-sized drop. The combination of menthol and eucalyptus oil does take some getting used to, but the tingling sensation is amazing first thing in the morning.

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Booster Island Bay Rum After Shave Lotion - $13

We love the classic, almost nostalgic smell of this product and that soothing-yet-prickly sensation the cool splash delivers. Any product that can cool a freshly scraped face is a winner in our book. The only concern for us is that alcohol does tend to dry out your skin, so you may want to follow it up with a moisturizer.

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Caswell-Massey Stimulating Face Wash Cloth -  $14

We loved this washcloth and the rough texture was fairly relaxing. It lathers up soap very well and leaves you absolutely squeaky clean with your skin stimulated and grease-free. If you just smear soap around with your hands or a regular facecloth, you honestly need to give this product a try; you won’t go back.

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