5 Things to Do Before You Kick the Bucket

By Playboy.com Staff

Another year, another predicted apocalypse. Everyone says the world's ending, so it's time to sit down and figure out everything you need to do before it actually happens.

It seems to be getting a little dire around these parts. With so many filmmakers, writers and musicians releasing apocalyptic material foretelling our untimely demise, it’s an apt, if not obvious, observation that the end of days has taken up a considerable portion of the cultural zeitgeist. That’s it people! We’re all gonna die!

Okay, so we’re being a little alarmist. But really, with so much brainpower being focused on our end, it feels like there’s no time at all to focus on the present. What’ll we do in the now to make sure these last moments were worth it should the end of time unexpectedly come to pass? Always ready for a good time, the crack Playboy.com team threw together something of an itinerary for you.

Berghain, Berlin, Germany

Courtesy of angermann on Flickr It’s not just a nightclub. It’s the nightclub. Which is saying a lot, since partying is a part-time job in Berlin. Set in a labyrinthine old East Berlin power station, Berghain is the coolest, weirdest and, we won’t lie, freakiest place to throw down, where anything and, seriously, everything happens all weekend. The party starts at midnight on Friday and ends sometime around dawn the following Monday. Don’t miss sunrise in Panoramabar, where the light pours in before the party goes on and on and on.

Road Trip the PCH, California, USA

Courtesy of Bill Bouton on Flickr For anyone with a taste for Beat literature and hazy, lazy days in the sun, the Pacific Coast Highway occupies a romantic little corner in the back of the mind. Starting in Mendocino County, the PCH follows some of the most beautiful parts of the American coastline south through San Fran and Los Angeles. Along the way, the winding seaside highway passes through Big Sur, whose isolated grounds have served as inspiration for many great American artists, including Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. From cityscape to nature-bound haven, the PCH allows for arty days and party nights.

View the Aurora Borealis from the Arctic

Courtesy of nick_russill on Flickr It’d be an awfully long hike for such a simple pleasure, but few earthly phenomena have the impact of the aurora borealis. Amazing even in simplified scientific terms—charged particles interacting with the earth’s magnetic field make pretty lights upon entering our atmosphere!—a true northerly view of the aurora is nothing short of spellbinding, like the most epic display of fireworks you’ll ever see. And if the world’s ending, we’d say it’s a one-night stand worth traveling for.

Rio Carnival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Courtesy of SeLuSaVa on Flickr When 2 million people per day come out to play, you know it’s a worthy party. In the week leading up to Lent, people from near and far flood the streets to observe the parades—vibrant displays of Brazilian culture—but also to drink and be merry with the masses. There’s a time and place for dark discos, and we’re sure Carnival serves up its fair share of that, but there’s nothing like a rowdy street party to bring on good vibes (and a little south-of-the-equator trouble).

Playboy Mansion Party, Los Angeles, California

Nightclubs, adventure travel and street parties have nothing on a good house party, where the intimate setting makes for spontaneous debauchery limited only by the imagination of those selected to attend. And the best house party in the world takes that formula and amplifies it to maximum volume. Playboy Mansion parties are known for being over the top in every way, from the exclusive guest list to the sheer number of nude or otherwise scantily clad women milling about the grounds. They only happen a few times a year, so you know it’ll always be good. And with such a long list of wannabe attendees, who knows who you’ll see in the grotto, and doing what.

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