A Loaded Conversation with Mickey Avalon

By Vanessa Butler

Our Loaded interview with rap superstar Mickey Avalon.

I wanted to call this piece “How to be a Rap Superstar According to Mickey Avalon.” Avalon is notoriously known for his crude stage presence, love of all things alcoholic and licentious tendencies with fans, so it only seemed fitting.

Avalon’s latest album, Loaded, out March 24th, paints a picture of a debauched life. He’s living the lifestyle we would all live if in his shoes. I thought I would get a wild interview about a life I couldn’t dream of. Instead what I got was a lethargic journalist’s nightmare. No insane stories, no cocky rock star answers, no mid interview tequila shots. When I called at 12 he was still in bed with a woman who cuddled beside him throughout the entire interview. My questions were not sparking any sort of connection or stories we could talk about. I was frustrated, worried and defeated. But listening back to what I had on tape, I realized Avalon was not only one of the most genuine rock stars I’ll ever interview, but I totally blew it.

I was asking bullshit questions flavor of the week musicians would go gaga over because they could spew out bullshit answers. Avalon, on the other hand, lives this lifestyle not because he feels like he has to, but because it’s just him. He did an interview with Playboy.com in bed with a hot chick. That’s badass. He played SXSW not because he wanted to get in to see some free shows, but because he wanted to perform for fans after rescheduling his Australian tour dates. So, no. You’re not going to read a wild and crazy interview about the guy who has the most nicknames for his dick, you’re going to read a piece with one of the most normal guys you’ll ever meet. And that is what makes Mickey Avalon such an honest to god rock star.

Playboy.com: How different is your stage persona from your regular persona?

Avalon: Anyone’s stage persona is different than themselves; if I acted the way I do outside of gigs, I would be pretty obnoxious. In life everyone has different personalities for different situations. If you’re in business school you act one way and when you’re with your family you’ll act another. For shows, it would be real uncomfortable if I was all mellow. People would probably throw things at me. So when I’m on stage I give it all I got and then after the show I can be myself.

Playboy.com: What was your wildest show?

Avalon: People have jumped on the stage and have taken their clothes off at my shows more than once. I played at this place called The Box and there were these girls called The Porcelain Twins who do their own show but preformed with me that night. They’re real twins that do all sort of weird incest shit.

Playboy.com: What city has the craziest girls?

Avalon: My fans are all usually pretty wild. There are places that have better looking girls though like Southern California, Texas and Canada. I mean there are hot chicks everywhere, but these places are pretty blessed with hotness.

Playboy.com: Who are you listening to lately?

Avalon: I liked that new chick Lana Del Rey that came out of nowhere. I listen to mainly country music though. Sirius radio has this Outlaw Country station. Sugar Jennings has a show and so does Elizabeth Cooke, so I listen to that a lot.

Playboy.com: I’ve been listening to Loaded on repeat for the past three days. How hands on you were with this album?

Avalon: It was mostly the same process as the first. Once I get frustrated with what I’m working on, I just move onto the next song or whatever. The only thing that was different was when I did it for the last record, I had never performed. For this record I could think of how tracks would work live. And since I was still preforming, I was able to play them live to see if people liked them.

Playboy.com: What is the writing process for an album like this?

Avalon: I usually just jot down whatever is going on in my life. Most of the songs I recorded with my new label I’ve signed with so when I go into their studio I don’t spend more than a day on a song. We had a lot of songs to choose from but we only worked on tracks that fit together.

Playboy.com: So will you be playing a couple of your new songs at SXSW?

Avalon: Yes, I’ll be there in a few days. It ended up being last minute because I was supposed to be in Australia. I don’t really know who else is playing, but I’m also going to Coachella so the bands that I don’t see at SXSW, I’ll see there.

Playboy.com: Do you like playing intimate venues or major festivals?

Avalon: I like the smaller places, they work better for me. A lot of the bigger places have too much of a space between me and the first row. If that space isn’t there, I don’t really care how big it is because I’m only really interacting with the first few rows. Not that I’m only paying attention to them, but I need to reach out and be able to touch everybody. It works better for my show if it’s a give and take thing.

Playboy.com: Are there vices on the road that you can’t live without?

Avalon: We try to eat pretty well; we don’t do the fast food thing. I like to smoke weed, I like to drink too. You can’t drink hard alcohol every night so I’ve been drinking a lot of champagne. It makes me burp but who cares. Maybe I won’t sing one word because I burped, but whatever. You can drink a bottle of champagne a night easier than drinking a bottle of vodka or whiskey.

Order Mickey Avalon’s new album Loaded here or catch him on tour. 


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