A Touch of Curve

By Playboy.com

<p>Playmate Jaslyn Ome wants to give her guy a bit of a makeover. A what Playmate Jaslyn Ome wants... she gets. </p>


Gentlemen of the world, we have a lesson for you, and it’s a deceptively simple one: when it comes to making a woman happy, you have to give her exactly what she wants. Especially when that woman is Playmate Jaslyn Ome and the only thing that stands between you and achieving every man’s dream is a wardrobe change. You should know by now that the rules of attraction—as they apply to all things, from culture to style to, perhaps especially, scent—demand that you keep it sharp, clean and fresh. In the pursuit of pleasing your lady friend, your pheromones are your natural advantage, and enhancing them with the right scent will give you the upper hand.

But it won’t be that simple. Prepare to let her take control as she shows you how to really make her happy. Not that you’ll have much choice. At the hands of a Playmate, you’ll admit you’re powerless, save for the ability to let her win. Then again, the spoils are shared. And for all intents and purposes, the victory belongs as much to you as it does to her. All it takes is a touch of Curve.

But don’t just take our word for it; watch it happen for yourself in the video below. And for a look at life on the set of a Playboy shoot, check out the behind-the-scenes gallery above.



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