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Amber Heard's Sexiest Films to Date
  • October 20, 2010 : 05:10
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Amber Heard is known for many roles, but our favorite is of course her work on The Playboy Club as sexy waitress Bunny Maureen. Sure, the show ended prematurely, but having the chance to see this blonde bombshell in a signature Playboy Bunny outfit was awesome. Amber has starred in a slew of popular films and thankfully has no issues with showing off her unbelievable breasts and knockout ass. This petite beauty has stripped down in five films, including Alpha Dog, The Informers and Friday Night Lights, all of which are action packed anyway so there won’t be any need to fast-forward to the good nude parts.

Amber also starred in the latest Hunter S. Thompson film, The Rum Diary, with Johnny Depp. If you know anything about Playboy, you know that Thompson played a pivotal role as one of our writers and dear friends, so we strongly urge you to see this movie. Oh, and she gets naked in that one too. Check below for our favorite Amber Heard scenes.

Drive Angry

The best part of Drive Angry is that it’s just pure Amber Heard eye candy. How can you resist watching a film that’s chock-full of explosions, sexy Amber Heard scenes, Nicolas Cage one-liners and fast cars?

Never Back Down

Fight clubs, karate, rebellion and the gorgeous Amber Heard. She may not appear naked in this film, but her scenes with Sean Faris are so sexy it makes up for it.

The Informers

Expect full-frontal Amber Heard from this 2008 film that follows the lives of L.A. characters in the early 1980s.

The Rum Diary

Amber plays the love interest of our dear friend Hunter S. Thompson.

The Stepfather

Remake of the 1987 thriller of the same name; Amber plays the helpless and sexy blonde — someone has to!

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