Amy Adams' Sexiest Moments On Screen

By Staff

America’s sweetheart, Amy Adams, is disarmingly modest and surprisingly sexy. We take a look at Adams’ sexiest moments on screen.

The super-hot Amy Adams has been burning up the silver screen and getting our blood pumping ever since we first caught a glimpse of her sexy nude butt in Psycho Beach Party (see below). The only thing upstaging her body is her acting ability (although that doesn’t stop us from trying to sneak peeks in movies like Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day or Sunshine Cleaning).

Psycho Beach Party

In her high school years, Adams trained in ballet, which is no doubt where she came by her sculpted, dancer’s body. In the end, lucky for us, she decided to pursue an acting career instead. Adams did spend three weeks working at Hooters, which means some lucky men out there managed to catch a glimpse of a hot 18-year-old Adams, in the flesh, in orange hot pants.

The Fighter

Adams may have begun by playing sweet, naïve roles in films such as Enchanted, but she soon came into her own with such films as Doubt, Julie & Julia and recent blockbuster The Muppets. We’re looking forward to seeing her play Clark Kent’s sexy love interest Lois Lane in Man of Steel. Of course, what red-blooded American male wouldn’t leap a tall building in a single bound to rescue the beautiful Ms. Adams? But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait until 2013 to see her again in theatres. She is appearing in On the Road, an adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel, playing the wife of Old Bull Lee (Viggo Mortensen). We can’t wait to see sexy Amy Adams surrounded by sex, drugs and beat poetry — this looks like a role where she can really let her hair down. We suspect that under her sweet, demure exterior lurks a hot sex kitten. 

And we couldn’t have been more correct. Check out one of Adams ‘first roles in Cruel Intentions 2, where she seduces her stepbrother and his girlfriend (possibly not in that order).

Cruel Intentions 2

And for some completely gratuitous girl-on-girl Amy Adams and Lauren German action:

Standing Still


Playboy Social