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Animal Instincts: After Dark
  • June 19, 2013 : 15:06
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Last summer, we brought the urban jungle to you with Animal Instincts, our ode to the wild streak we all struggle to keep contained. And you liked it. A lot.

So we’ve doubled down on the promise of beautiful girls letting their inner animals out, and this year’s crop of Instincts takes the seasonal transformation into wild things even further: the beautiful before and the insatiable after.

Follow these sensual predators and their seductive prey and discover what happens when the girls come alive at night with

Animal Instincts: After Dark Brought to you by PERT Plus

All that stands between a girl and her inner wild thing is a fine layer of body paint. Go behind the scenes on the set of After Dark and watch the Instincts come to life.

Wild as they seem, we didn’t just pull The Instincts out of the animal kingdom. If you like what you see here, make sure to check more beautiful galleries and videos from Cybergirls Dani Mathers, Kelsey Ann and Yevgeniya Piordiychuk, as well as Playboy models Katie Carroll and Ali Rose. And this may be the first you’ve seen of our lovely leopard, Erica Lloyd, but we’re betting it won’t be the last.

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  • عبدالرضا رهنما
    عبدالرضا رهنما
    lvoe.دوست دارم
  • Jay
    Amazingly gorgeous women. It's like there works of art being painted like that. Can't say enough. I really like the glow in the dark paint on them too. Wow!!!
  • Aurelius Jizzersom
    Aurelius Jizzersom
    Oh my my, even Herman is excited for this one, him being an animal himself. Aurelius signing off
  • Tyson
    If only my girl would glow in the dark...then I'd marry her...but I won't now
  • John J
    John J
    So freakin' hot, love the Zebra
  • ore
    thats gotta be one of the coolest shoots and ensembles ive glimpsed. A gentle brain teaser would of been enough.
  • عبدالرضا رهنما
    عبدالرضا رهنما