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Artist Leroy Neiman
  • November 01, 2012 : 00:11
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From 1958, when he visited Chicago’s fabled Pump Room, to 1972, when he attended Super Bowl VI, artist LeRoy Neiman traveled the world to sketch and paint the good life for Playboy. Man at His Leisure, as his series was known, appeared 42 times in these pages. Neiman died this past June at the age of 91. Here, we pay homage to a man who embodied the elegance and sophistication of the Playboy lifestyle.


1. London, 1972
Neiman visited the headquarters of Sotheby’s and offered his unique take on the lively auction room. “It’s as solemn as high mass at St. Peter’s,” said the artist.


2. Cannes, 1962
Neiman’s skills as a draftsman are apparent in his sketch of a beauty contest on the French Riviera. “Those women really had strong back porches,” he later observed.

New York

3. New York, 1965
While visiting the Playboy Club on East 59th Street, the artist found himself more impressed with the esprit of the Bunnies at work than with the fantastic facilities.


4. Malibu, 1967
In a Man at His Leisure installment that appeared in the July 1967 issue, Neiman portrayed daredevil California surfers who were “shooting the pier.”


5. Paris, 1964
Neiman spent a gratifying week on the Champs-Élysées, sketching the marvelous dancers of the Lido. “For the artist,” he noted, “backstage is even more interesting than out front.”

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    Sketches are so lovely to admire,good work.keep up.