#AskPlayboy: Jenny Mollen on Getting her to Shave

By Jenny Mollen

Your girlfriend just watched Emmanuelle and is taking her fandom to a whole other level. Jenny advises on getting your girl to shave.

Q: My girl is drop-dead sexy. She’s actually been to a few casting calls, but ever since we’ve moved in together she’s stopped uh…trimming the hedges. Her body makes me wild, but I’m just not into the whole ‘70s centerfold thing, you know? What’s the call here? Do I let her go au naturel which makes me grin and bear every time I get a rogue hair stuck in my mouth or do I hint to the idea of keeping it clean below the belt?

A: NO WAY!! Tell her what turns you on! I recently had the opposite request from my husband and was never offended that he wasn’t into the whole hairless cat look. The only hairstyle women give a fuck about is the one on their heads. Tell her you want her to shave that shit off so you can devour her pussy more effectively. Personally, I think lasering is the way to go. After four to six visits, she’ll never have to deal with that shit again. And if in 20 years furry bush is back in style, she can always get extensions.

Jenny Mollen is a writer, actress and all-around gorgeous sassy badass who lives in L.A. with her dog Teets and husband Jason Biggs. She writes about her life on TheSmokingJacket.com in her highly popular column What She Said. Follow her on Twitter at @JennyAndTeets and on Instagram at JennyAndTeets2.


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