Babes,Beers and Barbecues with Eddie Huang

By Vanessa Butler

We sit down with the wildly talented and hilarious Chef Eddie Huang to talk about babes, beers and BBQ's.

If you don’t already know who Chef Eddie Huang is, here’s a quick refresher. After graduating from law school, Huang decided that instead of poring over court papers, judging dishes fit for service in his own restaurant would be a better fit. Lucky for him, it didn’t take long for his restaurant BaoHaus, located in New York, to start turning heads. Huang’s restaurant and big personality was suddenly the talk of the town. He soon landed a show called Cheap Bites on the Cooking Channel, was touted as the next Anthony Bourdain by the New York Post, sold a memoir called Fresh off the Boat to Spiegel & Grau, which is set to release in 2013, and landed a deal to shoot a show with the bad boys at Vice which airs later this year. Whether he’s mixing Gatorade mimosas during Knicks games or serving up Char Siu pork for Zagat in the Hamptons, Huang is making people smile with his talent.

We caught up with Huang late last week to chat about what he’s been itching to throw on the grill this summer, and how we amateur chefs can attempt to recreate our own Eddie Huang special at home. Are you a gas grill or charcoal grill kind of man?

Huang: BBQ means smoking to me, not grilling, so I like a Brinkmann Vertical Smoker. It’s one of the only things I brought with me when moving from Florida to New York. If you have the room and money though, the best piece of backyard equipment is the Big Green Egg. It can do high-heat searing, smoking and even clay oven type-ish. What signature BBQ dish would you serve to our foodie Playmate Mei-Ling Lam? 

Huang: I would do a sous-vide Char Siu pork that’s marinated overnight, cooked at 64 degrees Celsius for 24 hours, then finished on the grill. While you’re cooking up a storm in the great outdoors, what is your drink of choice?

Huang: Coco Loso: Coconut Cîroc and pineapple juice. Your Haus Bao dish is spectacular. How many women propose to you guys on the spot?

Huang: We take what the defense gives us. We’re suckers for fresh oysters. Have you ever experimented with throwing a few on the grill? What would be the best way?

Huang: I have, but I really don’t like them on the grill. I prefer a raw oyster with tobiko, yuzu and shiso leaf or if you want to cook a giant oyster, top it with X.O. chili or black bean sauce. We saw on your blog The Pop Chef you have a March 1st 1985 Playboy. Are you one of those guys who buy vintage Playboys when you see them?

Huang: [Laughs] I did find that issue at a vintage store in Soho, but I’m not a collector. If I had to pick some all-time favorites though: Vida Guerra, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, Tia Carrere. I remember that old-ass Sharon Stone cover, too. Dayyyyam, she was bad. Who is your favorite Playmate?

Huang: I think anyone my age, ’80s baby, that doesn’t say Carmen Electra is lyin’. What kind of music do you listen to while you’re cooking? 

Huang: I listen to a lot of Theophilus London, ASAP Rocky, Sir Michael Rocks, and 2 Chainz these days. If you could only pick two, which would you choose: A posse of hot women, beer or cooking.

Huang: A posse of hot women, a big fat Philly blunt and a pack of Black Forest Gummy Bears. Anything you want to plug?

Huang: To all the NYC Playmates, I’m a Chinese Pisces living in Stuytown seeking a Ride or Die chick. I’m available for cooking, companionship or volcano vaporizer sessions. I have half and full hours available. Please be discreet when calling. 

Photo Credit: Steven Lau (Char Siu pork) 


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