Beauties of the Beautiful Game: England/Ukraine

By Staff

England tries to bring it's international rep back to where it belongs and Ukraine is looking to lock up a knockout round spot with a win against France.

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England – 1-0-2, misses elimination round

After a string of disappointing finishes and baffling PR gaffes, England opted to can flamboyant and constantly under fire coach Fabio Capello in favor of the more withdrawn (in a good way) Roy Hodgson. Still, the English side will be dealing with the fallout of their actions with Wayne Rooney not due back until the third game of group stage and the leadership of John Terry under question. The team as a whole are on opposite ends of the age spectrum, either too old or too young, with only midfielder Ashley Young in the middle. The mix might not be quite right to take this team further than the quarters.

Ukraine – 1-1-1, advances to elimination round

One of the host nations, and a side not predicted to go very far, Ukraine could lock up a knockout round spot today with a win. They were fortunate enough to be grouped with two former soccer powerhouses (England and France) that have struggled recently on the international stage and are counting on that streak to continue to advance to the quarters. With coach Oleh Blokhin (the only Ukrainian coach to advance the country past the group stages in an international major) back for another run and midfielder Andriy Yarmolenko quickly turning into the new Shevchenko (the old Shevchenko is there too), Ukraine just might be able to pull off one of the Euro’s biggest surprises. 

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