Best Drinks and Cigars To Have With Your Dad

By Staff

Just in time for Father's Day we pair four of our favorite cigars with scotch and one whisky.

At this point in your life, a handmade ceramic mug with your dad’s initials just isn’t going to have the same effect on your old man as it did when you were in elementary school. Now that you’re all grown up, juggling your wild playboy life and demanding job, there are probably only a few times a year you get to spend quality time with your father. We’re talking more than a friendly phone call or a funny e-mail; quality time means sitting down with the man who raised you and having an honest-to-goodness conversation with the man your father really is. If you have yet to spend time with your dad in this way, Father’s Day (which is today) is the best time to start.

If this feat sounds daunting to you, it’s most likely the setting that you’re imagining in your mind. Don’t bring your dad to a diner to awkwardly mull over a cup of coffee, invite him over to your place and have a few cigars and glasses of scotch on hand. Treating him with respect while still keeping the atmosphere friendly and laid back is what you’ll need to get the conversation going.

Pairing your cigars and scotch

The funny thing about pairing cigars and scotch is that you need to match them up like you would wine and food. Typically, you pair food and wine together to complement each other, not to outdo one another. Scotch and cigars are exactly the same. Pair a mild cigar and mild single malt; pair a strong cigar with strong single malt. By doing this, they work together and enhance each other’s subtle flavors you may not have caught before.

Cigar: Obsidian Belicoso (Mild)

Scotch: Crown Royal XR (Mild)

Okay, we’re cheating a bit by pairing this one with a whisky we’ve been drinking as of late. While each of these choices has its own very prominent flavors, enjoyed together they are divine. Expect notes of espresso and black pepper from the cigar and a warm palate with a scent of aged oak, caramel and vanilla from the whisky. 

Cigar: La Flor Dominicana Carajos (Mild)

Scotch: Highland Park Single Malt Scotch (Mild)

If you’re going for a good-priced pairing, this one is right up your alley. You can pick up both of these for a grand total of about $60. Anticipate subtly bold flavors from your Cajaros (they may be small, but they still pack a punch!) and a peaty undertone and round finish from your glass of scotch.

Cigar: Diesel Unlimited (Strong)

Scotch: Bowmore (Strong)

One name is well known, the other…Not so much. Diesel Unlimited may not be the first name you think of, but with its fairly consistent taste throughout the burn, it’s a great cigar to pair. Expect earth tones, sweet chocolate and pepper spice from the Diesel Unlimited and the notorious robust smoky taste from start to finish from the Bowmore.

Cigar: Gurkha Robusto (Strong)

Scotch: Lagavulin Single Malt (Strong)

We won’t deny that this is most likely the strongest pairing on the list, but if you like your cigars and scotch bold, this is the pairing you’ll enjoy the most. Wrapped in a dark smooth wrapper, the Gurkha Robusto has a leathery, toasty flavor while the Lagavulin Single Malt has a powerful blend of peat smoke aroma with a slight sweetness at the finish.


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