Best Mopeds For Summer

By Staff gives you the coolest scooters to cruise around on in the heat.

As you finish off that second (or third) case of beer left over from Memorial Day, inspect the newly burned skin from passing out on the dock and hear the giggle of the hot girls next door engaging in a wet t-shirt contest, it starts to hit you: it’s finally summer! In Europe, summer is the ultimate time to impress the ladies by cruising by on your Vespa and taking them on an adventure which will inevitable lead to wine, cheese, and straight to the bedroom.

Here in America, the two-wheeled complement on the street comprises the delivery or city bike, the hardcore or sports bike and, of course, the motorcycle. Now we believe there is more than enough room in this category for a speedy ride that comes off as sexy, good on miles and doesn’t break the bank.

Sounds great, right? But where do you start? We’ve scoured the pavement and have put together our list of the coolest mopeds and scooters for you to hit the open road this summer. From expensive to practical and vintage to high tech, there’s a sick ride for all.

VESPA GTV - 300 ($6,999)

(pictured above)

Designed as an homage to the vintage Vespas of Italia, the GTV 300’s eye-catching good looks are both classy and sophisticated. While the modest 22 horses may seem low, the 80 mph top speed is more than enough for a trip into the country or exploring a new corner of the city. More than any other choice on this list, this model is the lady-killer.¬†

Engine: Single cylinder four-stroke, four-valve (278cc)

Horsepower: 22 hp

Range:168 miles

Coolest Feature: Headlamp on front mudguard; throwback to the first Vespa Prototype

Check it out here.

HONDA Silver Wing ABS ($9,270)

In contrast to the GTV, the Silver Wing is a testament to the versatility of scooters as both a fun day ride and something you can pack up with your girl and head away for the weekend. With almost 200 miles between fill-ups, this twin-cylinder behemoth (don’t rib on this, we’re talking scooters here), has a 582cc capacity to play with. Extra points for the full extra seat for longer journeys.

Engine: Liquid-cooled four-stroke parallel-twin cylinder (582cc)

Horsepower: 50 hp

Range:193.2 miles

Coolest Feature: Programmed fuel-injection for all-weather usage

Check it out here.

PIAGGIO Typhoon 125 ($2,699)

Boasting the legendary European scooter name of Piaggio, the Typhoon 125 is not only the brand’s best seller but the most fun you can have for under $3000. This fun two-wheeled roadster with its sporty, semi-military styling is the newest companion to the brand’s classic 150cc variant. We love the chubby tires, which offer a smooth ride on hills or straights, perfect for pick up and go. Hitting speeds of up to 60 mph at this price is impressive; the fact that you’ve got 150+ miles makes it golden.

Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke carburetor-fed engine (125cc)

Horsepower: TBA

Range:162 miles

Coolest Feature: No-bullshit, ready-to-ride functionality

Check it out here.

HONDA Metropolitian ($1,999)

It may be small and quirky, but this nimble little moped packs an unbelievable mileage of 117 mpg, giving the rider 140 miles between fill-ups. While we would heed the name and keep this junior to city streets, we would be more than happy to have this as our urban explorer for those days of hot, grimy gridlock you’d care to zoom out of. An easy choice for heading out to dinner and a movie, and all for under two grand.

Engine:Single cylinder four-stroke (49cc)

Horsepower: TBA

Range:140 miles (smaller, but at 117 MPG you can’t go wrong)

Coolest Feature: 22 liters of under-seat storage makes this ride an errand pro

Check it out here.

Image 1 courtesy, Image 3 courtesy 2 & 4 courtesy HONDA.


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