Best of: @PlayboyDotCom vs. Skylar Grey

By Staff

We chat with the sexy up and comer Skylar Grey whose song C'mon Let Me Ride features rapper Eminem.

Playboy is known for its unconventional interviews, so was only natural to move some of our chats onto social media giving our readers a chance at the helm, asking the biggest stars of today the questions they’ve been itching to ask.

This Tuesday we got a chance to tweet with the gorgeous Skylar Grey, a name that is blowing up on the music scene as of late thanks to her latest song “C’mon Let Me Ride” that features Eminem.  That’s right: Skylar Grey got one of the biggest names in rap to collaborate on one of her songs. We’re sure those short daisy dukes she wears in the music video were some help! It wasn’t the first time Eminem had taken a liking to Sklyar’s lyrics. Did you know that the mega hit “Love the Way You Lie” that Eminem and Rihanna teamed up to preform last summer was actually written by Skylar?

While the interview in its entirety will be posted on The Smoking Jacket later this week, we’ve rounded up our favorite parts of our Twitterview between our gorgeous Twitter girls & Miss. Grey.

On the music industry: You hated the music industry at one time, but now you’re back. Has it changed you?

Skylar Grey: Currently the music industry is showering me with kisses.

On posing nude:

Skylar Grey: I’ve posed nude for the sake of art, not to give guys a hard on.

On lesbian experiences:

Skylar Grey: No I haven’t, but I do have a girl crush on Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage)! HOT.

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