Best Party Beaches: Surfers Paradise, Australia

By Staff dishes on all of the best places to eat, drink and chill while you're not hitting waves in Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Beaches are enchanted places where the drinks seem bottomless, the girls (occasionally) go topless and no matter how obnoxious you get, all is forgiven. The “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” mentality seems to apply to the golden coasts, which is why the beach is the perfect place to find no-holds-barred gluttonous serenity. What we’re trying to say is if you decide to blow your cash on a beach vacation, it’s almost impossible to screw up. To help out, we’ve calculated just how much you’re going to have to save to have a good time without fear or favor in Australia’s Surfers Paradise.

Your Weekend Digs

First you’re going to need a place to pass out after your debaucherous nights out on the town. If you’re in Australia for the beach, you damn well better find a place that’s on the water, or at least towering over the skyline. Located on the top floor of Club Watermark you’ll find your ocean-view executive suite. Welcoming you with a bottle of Chandon, the promise of a warm cooked breakfast, evening canapés with beverages and a view overlooking the ocean, Club Watermark is where you’ll call home for the next few days.

Your Newfound Talent

We’re going to go ahead and make a grand assumption. You don’t do too much surfing in your day-to-day life and the thought of taking a group class with photo-happy families on their first vacation isn’t your idea of a good time. Luckily, Australia’s number one surf school, Cheyne Horan School of Surf, holds private surf lessons for only $75 an hour. The cost includes everything you need to hit the waves, and they will also pick you up from your hotel if it’s in the vicinity of Broadbeach or Southport. After you’re done with your one- to six-hour class, you’re always welcome to rent a board and work your newfound skill at the Surfers Paradise Beach, where you can find Pacific Ocean shore breaks and challenging banks ideal for any level of surfer.

Your Favorite Restaurant

Courtesy of: The Avenue’s Facebook page

With a twenty-eight-year history of being one of the principal party places in Surfers Paradise, it’s no surprise that their food is on par as well. We still dream about the wild nights spent at The Avenue and we’d kill for even one of their Kilpatrick oysters. If you find yourself in an adventurous mood thanks to the overindulgence in Australia’s favorite beer, Victoria Bitter, go with your gut and order the kangaroo filets. The atmosphere is laid-back and has a saloon feel, so if you’re looking for fine dining with a snobbish atmosphere, take warning. But if you’re hoping to find a place with good food, sexy women and decently priced beer, cocktails and wine, The Avenue is your one-stop place for all things good.

Your Wildest Night Out

Courtesy of: Shooters Lounge Bar & Nightclub Facebook Page

We don’t know what kind of mood you’ll be in once the clock strikes 12. Will you want to relive your youth and bust a move on the dance floor to some old-school hip-hop? Strike up a conversation with a girl by the DJ booth as he spins the latest electro and house music? Or will you want to be treated like the VIP you are and sip on a cocktail while watching the night unfold around you in a subdued setting? Whatever your mood, Shooters Superclub will accommodate all of the above with their four rooms, all equipped with completely different atmospheres, spinning an array of diverse music, serving up great cocktails and never short of incredibly sexy women that are far from shy. Shooters Superclub is known to throw parties with painted girls as your waiters, is notorious around town for their “best bum” competitions and never shies away from a good old-fashioned pole dance throwdown. This nightclub is a thing of dreams!

Your Secret Weapon

Courtesy of: Jack’s Kebabs Facebook

Once you’ve had enough of the lavish life at Shooters, or wherever else your night has taken you, finish off your escapades with a carnivorous nightcap at Jack’s Kebabs on Cavill Avenue. It’s open till about four on weekends, and you can’t miss the place since the boardwalk surrounding it is usually packed with ravenous partygoers. There are a few kebab places around Jack’s but we have to say, he makes the best lamb kebabs around.


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