Best Water Rides of Summer

By Staff

We check out some of the coolest motorized water toys for you to enjoy this summer.

If the long hot Memorial Day weekend was any indicator, the ultimate weather to kick off cottage season has finally arrived, and we are ready to play. While some enjoy the pleasures of cruising down a hot dry road, taking in the rolling hills with girls sprawled across the backseat of a classic Caddy, we here at have come to the realization that bikini weather should never be taken for granted, and while girls driving fast cars are hot, girls driving in bikinis are so much hotter.

With that, we give you our list of the coolest summer rides to get wet and wild on. Be it to prove who’s boss among your buddies or an excuse to get your gorgeous girl soaking wet, it’s going to be a long hot sunny season, so take advantage of these fun (and fast) glorified water toys.


To start off our list, this single-seater namesake Jet Ski is wholeheartedly meant as a thrill craft rather than a regular cruiser. With its 781 cc displacement engine, the 800 SX-R is a model commonly associated with those aerial tricksters who have the training (and guts) to pull off death-defying backflips while standing up on one of these speed demons. As this is the last production year for this best seller for the company, it is sure to become a collector’s item for those whose adrenaline pumps easy. With 699 pounds of thrust and weighing in at an unbelievable 396.9 pounds, it’s no wonder this baby is fun to take out.

Engine: Two-stroke, two-cylinder w/valve induction

Fuel capacity: 4.5 gallons

Max passengers: One

Price: $7,899

Best feature: 37 Years of Jet Ski special-edition design package

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Brand new for 2012, the Sea-Doo GTR 215 is part of the company’s musclecraft series of performance water scooters. This gorgeous, aerodynamically designed aqua beast is not only stunning to look at but features a supercharged Rotax 4-TEC engine which provides almost 1500 cc of displacement while weighing less than 800 lbs. (you and the ladies not included). Planning on heading over to a friend’s cottage for a BBQ? No problem; the 215 hosts almost 31 gallons of convenient under-seat storage capacity — plenty for beer, burgers and buns. Just do us a favor and save the drinking for after you get there.

Engine: 1503 SC Rotax 4-TEC engine

Fuel capacity: 15.9 gallons

Max passengers: Three

Price: $11,499

Best feature: Easy-switch economy to sport modes

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While speed and performance are best taken care of by the models above, our last contender is most accurately described as the Luxury Queen of Jet Skis. While virtually as powerful as the Sea-Doo model above, with a decent 1,498 cc of displacement (that’s 300 horses, people), the supercharged four-cylinder Ultra 300X commands a whopping 1,796 pounds of thrust, offering its three riders a smooth, consistent and, most importantly, speedy ride to anywhere (on the water) that can be imagined. Factor in a 20+ gallon capacity, and you’ll be riding this beauty until the sun goes down. 

Engine: Supercharged four-cylinder

Fuel capacity: 20.6 gallons

Max passengers: Three

Price: $14,699

Best feature: Most powerful Jet Ski ever built

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