Birds & Bullwhips: The Ins & Outs of Escorting with Kacey Jordan

By Vanessa Butler

<p>From porn to escorting, we talk to Kacey Jordan about what it's like in the world of sex work. <br></p>

“A lot of people say, ‘You’re better than this job.’ They’re nice about it, but a lot of people will state the obvious of being an escort or a porn star. I chose this job just because I’m very open and free-spirited…I don’t know. I don’t really know how to answer that question. People think that it’s a horrible life. They say my job is horrible and they don’t know how I can do it. It’s easy and it’s a fun life and you get to travel. To me it’s the perfect job.”

Since the age of 19, Kacey Jordan, aka Courtney Roskop aka @misscnicole or whatever name you may know her by, has been working as an escort. “Back before the economy went to crap I had a good year or two where you could charge $1,800 an hour. But now it’s only $1,000 no matter who you are.”

That’s not to say these past six years have been bad for her. She makes her own schedule. She travels the world. Jordan, as you probably know, was the petite porn star made infamous by the tabloids back when Charlie Sheen was winning. “The only reason why that got out in the first place is that they told me he was dead or at least that he wasn’t responsive to medical attention when really it was just a media person who was trying to get information about the night. Of course it’s scary he overdosed. He needed help. The reason why this happened is because someone lied to me. I never shared that in an interview about how initially it came out. It wasn’t like I was thinking, oh my god, I’m going to get famous off of this. With my job I don’t want to get blacklisted.”

I talked with her while she was between clients in New York, where she is already fully booked until she leaves. “This time around I didn’t put an ad up. I’m using just my regular New York clientele. I actually don’t do a blast texting message because I try to address them with the person’s name. So I’ll individually write each client I have in New York with something along the lines of, ‘Hi John, how are you today? It’s me, Courtney, I’m back in NYC…’ Some write me back, some of them follow me so they know it and others just write me and they will book.”

Her limit is five clients a day; she has never yet exceeded it. “I’d feel tired and gross. It’s better to just do the hour ones because it’s your minimum, which is $1,000, and then usually I’ll do a deal for two [hours], which is $1,500. So the hours go by really fast and it’s easy and it’s $1,000.”

Five guys a day? Doesn’t that…hurt? “Once in a while; it depends on a client. But what’s great about the hour [laughs] is that they ask me for half my rate for 30 minutes [although she charges the full hour], which really they only last five minutes or less and it’s mostly just talking. Viagra really hurts more than anything; it’s an artificial hardness like a baseball bat.”

Her openness is why I’m so utterly fascinated by her, which is also something she struggles with. “I have a box full of engagement rings. [laughs] In the last month I’ve gotten so many ‘I can’t see you anymores.’ I lose clients a lot because of it. I don’t know why it gets like that. It’s probably because I don’t really have a mental filter. They think I am only open with them and them only and they are misled to feel that they’re something more. It’s not because I put on an act like most girls do, I’ve done doubles and I see how they act. They put on a show, they tell these guys what they want to hear whereas I’ll say something if it’s genuine and honest. I won’t compliment unless I feel like it. You know the girlfriend for the hour is just that. So yeah, I do have that problem. It’s very common when I have a client for a while. I just had to let go of one of my best clients. He was paying me $4,000 a day for a month. That was a good month. It’s not that I’m like, ‘Oh! No money?’ It’s just my job, I don’t really want relationships. It’s a job and I hate when I gets to that point because I lose a client and I also hurt their feelings.”

But Jordan doesn’t like losing clients; she likes her regulars. “Once in a while you’ll get a guy that’s nervous, which I don’t really mind. I’m patient and I don’t ever rush. I’m not a clock-watcher. Sometimes they end up saying no because they’re too nervous, so I’ll just sit there and try and make the best out of the appointment. Because what’s important, like any other business, is that they had fun, you made it the best time ever and they will want to be a regular or a return client. Most girls just want the quick money and they just rush through it. They don’t think, ‘Okay, well, you can always put up a new ad and get new clients, but why not keep old ones?’ Going through new clients and having to do the screening process takes time and patience because a lot of it is bullshit. I’d say about 75 percent of it is bullshit and 25 percent are serious.”

I wondered what the screening process would be like for this kind of thing. Are these men risking it all to see Jordan for a night? “They have to reveal a lot of information about themselves so if something did happen I have everything. I know where they work. They have to list two or three providers that they’ve seen before, so if they’re new they have to go through even more and deeper client scrutiny forms. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past, but what’s good about the bad experiences is because they’ve given all of the critical information and they still decided to screw me over, I always in the end get it back because I have enough information to look up and I have enough people in the government that can help me out sometimes. [laughs] Which is strange, because you would think the justice system wouldn’t because it’s illegal, but you would be surprised.”

There were a lot of things in the conversation that surprised me, like the fact that she was averse to fulfilling girlfriend experiences because of her germophobic tendencies. “The mouth is the dirtiest part on your body. I’d rather make out with someone’s ass than their mouth. It’s either just as dirty or dirtier, as I’ve been told by a dentist. So any kissing grosses me out more than anything.” Or that she’s had to shoot down many patrons whose twisted fantasies were tied to age. “I don’t care about ‘Daddy’ or whatever, but when they’re asking specific ages that’s disturbing.” Or the trick she learned at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch if one finds oneself about to have sex with someone who hadn’t showered: Listerine in a baby wipes container.

Eventually, after chatting for half an hour, the moment of truth came. How much was she able to make in a year doing this? “I can make about $60,000 in one month, so that times 12. The most I can make if I actually work would be $720,000 if I work every month. But honestly it’s usually about $40,000, so it’s less than that. But then again you get these random jobs where they’re going to pay you $30,000, so you have to factor in those ones too. It’s just sporadic, so those are great. And sometimes when you meet a client they say, ‘Listen, I’ll give you $20,000 a week if you stay with me.’ You get those ones once in a while on top of your regular work. And of course in the middle of a tour I’ll drop what I’m doing and I’ll go do that. It’s easier; it’s one person, you don’t have to work all the time and [you get to] go out to eat or vacation.”

Despite the ups and downs she faces, as with any job, Jordan is happy with hers, and it showed. “I don’t need anything to sedate myself to do my job. Just coffee. I’m supposed to do a job in a couple of hours and I’m completely sober. I don’t have that emotional trigger that I think most girls have. They don’t like this job. I just don’t feel this job. For me it’s a business transaction. It’s a normal day, a normal job like anybody else. [laughs] To me it is. I really like escorting and meeting people. I find thrill in meeting someone new. It’s more personal. It’s fun to get to know such a range of clients. You have your fans, your snobby businessmen…You never know! It’s kind of a challenge each day. How are you going to make this person, no matter what’s in their head, satisfied? You never know what you’re going to get. Every day you never know who’s going to come in that door at my hotel room or when I walk down the hall to theirs. It’s the best rush, walking down the hallway or waiting for the knock, you know? [laughs] Well, you may not know, but you’d understand!”


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