Playboy Retro: Bond Girls

By Staff

<p><p>Get dangerous with us as we look back at some of the sexy Bond girls who’ve bared it all for <i>Playboy.</i> </p> <br></p>

James Bond, the suave, women-loving spy, has had a long association with the Playboy brand. In fact, Hugh Hefner once said, “I know that Fleming was influenced by Playboy. What are Bond girls but Bunnies, really?” Even before there were any Bond films, Agent 007 appeared in the pages of Playboy in short stories by Bond’s creator Ian Fleming. The association continued in many ways: James Bond reads the February 1969 issue in the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in Diamonds are Forever it’s revealed that Bond is a member of the London Playboy Club and throughout the years a number of actresses from the many Bond movies have modeled for Playboy. Get dangerous with us as we look back at some of the sexy Bond girls who’ve bared it all for Playboy.

Actress Ursula Andress was the original Bond girl, costarring in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, with Sean Connery in 1962. This Swiss blonde is the template for all the luscious women who followed her throughout the next 24 Bond flicks (she also appeared in the 1967 Bond spoof Casino Royale). Ursula posed for a special pictorial for Playboy in 1965 and her pictures range from the sublime to the silly. Thrill to see Ursula Andress naked in nature; chuckle as she squares off against errant waterfowl.

In the 1990s, Dutch glamour model Rachel Ter Horst was everywhere: she was in 15 Playboy Special Editions, in the girly pages of the British tabloids and in the James Bond film GoldenEye. Her role in the movie is brief, but thanks to her scintillating stills you can spend all the time you want with her.


Another Dutch dish, Daphne Deckers, appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies and in 1998 she starred in a James Bond-themed pictorial (titled “Bonding with Daphne”) for Playboy. The shoot recreated the famous “through the legs” imagery from the film posters and the “gun barrel sequence” from each opening but with Daphne in place of Bond. We’ll take her in place of a superspy any day!

Your mission is clear: go to the gallery above and experience some of the most gorgeous women to ever be uncovered.


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