Bootlegging Beauties

By and Lawless would like to take you back to a time when crooked cops and bootleggers ran amok, wheeling and dealing in the illegal liquor trade. Follow our Bootlegging Beauties as they paint the town red, Playboy style.

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There was a time, nearly 100 years ago, when it was illegal to make or sell liquor in the United States of America. Hard to believe, we know. But in the backlash against Prohibition there arose a particularly wily breed of criminal, charged only with ensuring those on the saucier side got to have their fun too (and maybe make a little coin in the process): the Bootleggers. Positioned firmly on the wrong side of the law, these good-hearted wrongdoers did whatever they could to keep their underground operations out of the light of the law, including working with the crooked ones on the inside. And sometimes, we suspect, these illicit agreements yielded sexy results.

Here to take us back to that time — and show us just how wild a lawless deal can get, in as little clothing as possible — are our very own Bootlegging Beauties, Cyber Girls Veronica Ricci and Sydney Barlette. Check out the video below.


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