On The Road with Breathe Carolina

By Playboy.com Staff

We hit the road with Breathe Carolina on their latest Warped Tour and as you can imagine, a party ensued.

Ever wanted to go behind the scenes on the Van’s Warped Tour?

No worries; now you can. Playboy.com and electro-rock, crunkcore band Breathe Carolina have teamed up to bring you backstage on the band’s most recent Warped Tour experience. Over the next six week’s we’ll be releasing exclusive footage of the duo as they travel across North America, everything from live performances and rowdy bus rides  to set-list shenanigans and all the partying that comes in with being a band on tour.

So enjoy episode one of the Breathe Carolina summer tour and stay tuned each Monday for more updates from the road.

Does seeing the bands live footage have you jonesing for a good time? Check out Breathe Carolina’s tour dates to find out if they’re coming to a city near you.


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