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Ultimate Gentleman: Broken Homme, Beats by Dre, Nolet Gin
  • February 27, 2014 : 07:02
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Handcrafted with over 300 years of Nolet family tradition, Nolet’s Silver Gin aspires to be the “new face of gin” for this generation of gin drinkers. With notes of Turkish rose, peach and raspberry, it has not only caught our attention but has made a pretty good case to be the go-to gin in our liquor cabinet. Find out more on

You know what’s better than plain old leather boots? Leather boots that are made in America by unionized workers! These Broken Homme full-grain kicks are unreal. Unlike others on the market, James Boot is easy to break into, made for lots of wear and fits true to size. They come in a choice of oxblood red and black. They’ll set you back about $300, but they’ll be your favorite boots for years and years to come. Sidle over and buy a pair on

One of the perks of working a nine-to-five is the abundance of colleagues who are ready and willing to go in on a bottle of expensive scotch. Sitting around the cubicle after hours with a few of your cellmates, sipping some delicious malty whisky makes worthwhile. If you haven’t participated in one of these communions, you need to know that you cannot use one of those coffee cups from the break room as the scotch will eat through the paper in no time. We suggest buying a glass worthy of wear like the Gentleman’s Glassware by Manready Mercantile. A set of four goes for $36 and are hand wash only due to the polymer they are dipped into polymer to create the drip effect. Buy a set on

Photo by: Augusta Quirk/IFC

Portlandia is coming back to IFC on February 27, and what better way to celebrate than hitting up the 14 bars, cafés and restaurants that have made their mark on the show. Sure, some of the names and places don’t really exist, like Stu’s Stews food cart, but they’re all based on real locales that have made Portland the quirky place it is. Check out the hot spots on

Can’t afford those Studio Wireless Beats by Dre we featured in our Stuff We Want series? Get the next best thing with a pair of headphones from their super affordable Solo HD collection. They come in an array of colors and can be folded into a compact case to throw in your bag. Unlike small headphones, these have the deep bass that Beats are known for and even have a built-in mic for calls too! Get a set for $200 on&

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