Burn or Succeed: Flavored Beer

By Playboy.com Staff

Check out the battle for the craziest beer flavors you can buy.

Each week we break down a topic of interest by survivability rate compared to its competitors. You will even have a chance to weigh-in on our choice via a poll. Have a dispute to settle? Your team versus your girlfriend’s making the playoffs? Pepperoni or Hawaiian Pizza? – Bring it on, let us be the judge of what will ultimately BURN or SUCCEED!

A few weeks ago, our Late Night Foodie column uncovered an interesting beer choice withthe Applewood-Smoked Bacon infused Maple Bacon Ale. Upon further investigation of the company behind this meaty drink, we discovered the brewer ROGUE had a few other gems hidden amongst its six-packs: the Double Chocolate Stout (flavored with bittersweet chocolate) and the Chipotle Ale (with roasted peppers).

Seeing this got us thinking about other crazy concoctions brewers are up to.  While humored by the Bud Light Lime (and subsequent imitations) that went after our female readership a few years ago; the following specialty beers may make you cling to your Labatt for dear life.


Developed back in 2006, Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer is culinary home-brew amber ale that was an Illinois couple’s effort to find a beer that would work with a variety of foods. Concocted through a process that sees a margarita pizza take the plunge in cheesecloth (along with other spices); this tomato-based beer speaks to fans of oregano, garlic, and basil. Let’s say we’re fairly intrigued and wouldn’t mind testing this one out.

Succeeds for: Keeping our appetite.

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This summer-style milk stout from the Southern Tier Brewing Co. was conceived as a tantalizing reminder of custard dessert’s palatable history. Incorporating caramel malts, real vanilla bean, and actual dairy products such as lactose sugar; this beer falls into the same too- sweet category as the bacon maple ale, something we’d imagine would make it hard to finish a bottle. Nonetheless, we’d give it a taste test, but probably not paired with anything else containing sugar.

Succeeds for: Not going the sweet AND fruity route.

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Born in the Arizona desert in 1989, the original Cave Creek Chili Beer is fabled to have started when a brewer subbed a hot Serrano chili pepper instead of a lime wedge. While the AZ brewery is now closed, the beer is produced south of the border in Mexico and ships across the world. We’re a fan of hot peppers here, but usually when they’re sliced on nachos, stuffed with cheese and fried, or ultra-concentrated for topping on just about anything. That being said we like our beer cold, refreshing, and satisfying, which ultimately puts any source of heat out of the question. We’d be hesitant to try it, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Burns for: Literally burning your throat.

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The beer world (not to mention Bud Light Lime crazies) took to social media last week when Molson Coors announced Coors Light Iced T and Carling Zest would be heading to trials soon (if the Canadians like it then we’ll most likely see it stateside this summer). In yet another attempt to scourge up new lines of revenue by crossing-contaminating drinks, we think this is going too far. While we understand people like beer, and people like iced tea (or sweet tea for you Georgians), this experimentation must stop somewhere before we destroy our favorite beverages. If we don’t, what will come next? Kool-Aid stout, cream soda lager, or grape slushy ale?

Burns for: Leave our beer alone!

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While we can deal with absurdities such as drink crossovers, desserts in a bottle, or the occasional novelty such as liquid fast food. We somehow can’t get around the idea of a beer lacking a bit of buzz. Sure you can get a light three or four percent blonde, or revolutionary double-digit percentage ales; but non-alcoholic beers just don’t cut it. If you’re going to go that way, why not drink soda or water? It’s better to take that route than to be an embarrassment to beer drinkers everywhere.

Burns for: Ability to make you an instant laughing-stock.

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