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Burn or Succeed: Midseason TV
  • January 29, 2012 : 20:01
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Each week we break down a topic of interest by survivability rate compared to its competitors. You will even have a chance to weigh-in on our choice via a poll. Have a dispute to settle? Your team versus your girlfriend’s making the playoffs? Pepperoni or Hawaiian Pizza? - Bring it on, let us be the judge of what will ultimately BURN or SUCCEED!

This week, we bring you the network-injected life supports for primetime TV: The Mid-Season Replacements.

Mid-season television shows are brought in for a variety of reasons; some are planned to take over the spot after a reality series concludes while others are a last-chance shot to save a network's ratings following a disastrous performance of a fall show. Some networks like the CW have all their scheduled shows still in place, while others like FOX have four shows debuting.

Ladies and Gentleman, prepare for your new favorite shows to BURN or SUCCEED.


The Finder (FOX - Thursday @ 9 p.m.)

Now heading into its fourth week, this Bones spin-off features Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults), as a former military man with a sixth sense for finding the impossible. In a quirky way, this show is geared towards those who enjoy a good mystery but want to be entertained outside the usual trifecta of detective settings (lab, courtroom, or interrogation room). While enjoyable to watch in action (cue shark helmets and paintballing crime lords), Sherman lacks a certain element of empathy, but only because we get more out of his partner Leo (The Green Mile’s Michael Clarke Duncan). While the show got off to a slow start, its ratings have starkly improved since its lead-in switched from Bones to American Idol. As long as henchman keep wearing yellow tracksuits and the hot female villain dons her bikini while tooting her trumpet; we’ll keep watching for the sheer absurdity and crafty plot lines.

Verdict: More likely to Succeed than not.

TOUCH (FOX - Premieres March 19)

Watch the Pilot: HERE

Bridging a fine line between a human drama and a supernatural show, Touch tells the story of Martin Bohm (24’s Kiefer Sutherland) as he tries to understand the strange Fibonacci sequences his mute 11-year old son Jake has been creating. To the viewer, Jake acts as a narrator of this powerful and sentimental story; one that reaches from America, to Baghdad, London, and Tokyo. Almost a continuation of the 2006 film Babel, this drama is well acted, plotted, and offers just as many groundbreaking moments as it does questions. The show develops the human condition, and exemplifies it on a global scale. We can’t wait for it to continue in March, and based on the numbers from the pilot preview last week, neither can you.

Verdict:  Very likely to Succeed past its 8-episode first season.


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