Burn or Suceed: Viral Trends

By Playboy.com Staff

Check out the ultimate battle for supremacy with Playboy.com's Burn or Succeed! This week: Viral Trends

Each week we break down a topic of interest by survivability rate compared to its competitors. You will even have a chance to weigh-in on our choice via a poll. Have a dispute to settle? Your team versus your girlfriend’s making the playoffs? Pepperoni or Hawaiian Pizza? – Bring it on, let us be the judge of what will ultimately BURN or SUCCEED!

This week, we bring you the best and worst viral posing trends that have consumed sites such as reddit and Instagram over the past year. Like us, we know you despise them (with a few sexy exceptions), enjoy ranting about them, and most of all, secretly hope the Twitter population will hurry up and move on to something more entertaining (try a Google search for ‘breading’, cats everywhere are trembling). For now though, let’s take a look at the most popular memes to cross our computer screens, surprisingly, it seems sport fans are to blame for these ludicrous examples of comedy.

PLANKING Playmates Planking with Hef, via @AnnaSophieB

Known to have spread across Facebook in 2009 as the “Lying Down Game,” planking went viral predominantly down under as the Aussies thought it would be funny to play dead. Popularized additionally by rugby player David Williams planking during a game; the competition heated up when some fitness aficionados took the game to new heights and began posing over chasms, on buildings, and other such structures. Instead of playing it safe like Hef does in the Mansion, one planking buff won the game by realizing the game’s “dead” purpose, and landed seven floors below onto the concrete.

Burned for: Death

STOCKING via stockingisthenewplanking.com

A newer fad that appeared late last summer, stocking is meant as a mockery to the over-the-top and un-realistic world of stock imagery. The premise is simple: pick an outrageously cheesy photo off iStockphoto, Getty, or Corbis and attempt to recreate it. While some of these photos may be humorous, the time involved in setting one of these up is far too much for a couple reposts on Tumblr. Thankfully this trend arrived and departed quickly; giving would-be participants adequate time to ridicule sports players instead.

Burned for: Time-wasting

OWLING via. @stubru

The first of our two animal-based poses is that of owling, born on reddit early last July. The process is simple: find a perch, crouch like you’re some deranged robotic predator, and stare off in space like a maniac. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? While with planking you are at least getting a temporary abs workout; owling serves no purpose whatsoever than to look like a pretentious idiot waiting to get lobbed off whatever structure you mounted.

Burned for: Creepiness

BATMANNING via. The World of Matus

While one cursed individual met his demise while planking (and posthumously won an award for partaking in a life-threatening activity), the majority of plankers usually play it safe near to the ground. Batmanning however, displaces hanging upside down from the monkey bars to your local wall, status, door, etc. While we are glad to see partakers are not hanging in nooses, the stupidity of hanging upside down over rock, road, or worse, screams emergency room faster than you can say Dark Knight. For this, it’s a definite burn.

Burned for: Injury potential

BRADYING Courtesy Priscilla Caripan

The newest entrant to the viral posing memes kicked off just over a week ago as Pats QB Tom Brady realized a Super Bowl win was out of question and hung his head in shame on the field, praying for a miracle (he needed one). Taken by posers to be an off-shoot of Tim Tebow’s odd stance (see below); Bradying quickly hit the nation as a sign of remorse for New England sympathizers. But hey, a mansion, Brazilian super model wife, and a free trip to Aruba isn’t a horrible consolidation prize right? Sorry Brady, no sympathy from us.

Burned for: Your life is already perfect

Bonus: A big thank you to our gorgeous Cyber Girl Priscilla Caripan for demonstrating ‘Bradying’ for all of us. Follow her on Twitter: @pcaripan

TEBOWING Launch Gallery

Last but not least, we reach the current holy grail of viral poses: Tebowing. Reportedly seen first as a quick in-game prayer by Denver QB Tim Tebow in late 2010; tebowing exploded this past October through twitter and online media. This position has also attracted attention for its religious nature with some churches supporting the movement while one school suspending students for partaking in it. While it may mocked through out the nation, we are pleased to give tebowing a gold star of success as seen in the ratings. While we think the idea fairly absurd for its popularity, we are grateful for its existence as our playmates decided to take part (you can call us slightly biased!).

Succeeds for: Playmates showing flexibility



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