Carla Gugino’s Racy Roles in Film, Television and Music

By Staff

Sexy actress Carla Gugino will "Always" keep us coming back for more.

The leggy, super-sexy brunette Carla Gugino has been burning up the big and small screens since the late 1980s, snagging guest spots in shows such as Who’s the Boss?, ALF and The Wonder Years before starring roles in Pauly Shore comedy Son in Law and the music video for Bon Jovi’s “Always.” Although she started out as our teen crush, she is all grown up and has come into her own.

It makes perfect sense that Gugino would have begun her career as a model — her striking looks and hot figure make her a natural. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for us!) she was told that at 5’5” she was too short to be a runway model. We are just as surprised to hear this as you are — with her endless-looking legs, we assumed she must be half a head taller at least! She decided instead to go into acting and we’re oh-so-glad she did. Gugino has an impressive list of credits under her belt, including quite a number of action movies, including Jet Li’s The One and Frank Miller’s Sin City (as well as playing spy MILF…er, mom Ingrid Cortez in the three Spy Kids films), before taking on the role of pinup superhero Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre in 2009’s Watchmen. However, we are perhaps most fond of the sexy Gugino in her role as porn star Electra Luxx in the films Women in Trouble and its sequel, Electra Luxx. Take a look at this hot scene from Women in Trouble and tell us you don’t wish Electra Luxx was a real porn star. Yeah, we didn’t think so.

And check out this sexy short video of Electra Luxx in the bathtub.

We’re glad to say that the lovely Gugino has recently returned to television with stints on Entourage, Californication and Justified and now stars in Political Animals, which means we are lucky enough to get a weekly fix of the hot, leggy star.


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