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Casting Calls: Denver
  • September 29, 2013 : 21:09
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Back by popular demand, its Playboy's Casting Calls! Each week we'll be re-releasing full city sets, featuring your favorite PlaymatesCybergirls and Amateurs before they officially appeared on You can access the full sets by clicking the links or pictures below. And be sure to vote for your favorite each week below; the winner will be featured in an exclusive new set in 2014.

Jennifer Ann

Casting Calls Las Vegas Winner: Jennifer Ann

Of the nine lovely ladies from Sin City we saw last week, only one could hit the jackpot, and that is Jennifer Ann. She’s now in the running with our previous Casting Calls winners to compete for a new photo shoot. Luck be a lady tonight…

Elisa - 2010 Sasha - 2010 Danielle - 2007
Jessica Lorin - 2007 Ashley Taylor - 2007 Audra - 2005
Desiree - 2005 Samantha - 2005 Marilyn - 2001

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  • pml_wil
    Why can't you click on a photo of the "contestants" here and be taken directly to her photo in the PB+ site? You can't, eve if you are already logged in there. Instead, clicking on these photos just takes you to the PB+ home page, and from ther it's almost impossible to find the photos for any particular casting call. If this "contest" is supposed to help generate interest in the PB+ site, it fails totally!
  • Desiree Root
    Desiree Root
    wow this is a blast from the past!! I would love to get featured again! You should see me now... much more grown up with a (few) new additions! vote for me! haha
  • Jimmydangermclay
    Lets go Desiree!!!
  • Myles Lynch
    Myles Lynch
    Where is the all button?