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Casting Calls: Toronto
  • November 17, 2013 : 15:11
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Back by popular demand, its Playboy's Casting Calls! Each week we'll be re-releasing full city sets, featuring your favorite PlaymatesCybergirls and Amateurs before they officially appeared on You can access the full sets by clicking the links or pictures below. And be sure to vote for your favorite each week below; the winner will be featured in an exclusive new set in 2014.

Lisa Lacey Winner of Casting Calls Boston: Lisa Lacey

You had your pick of the ladies of Beantown and you voted for Playboy Amateur Lisa Lacey. All we can say is... excellent choice. Lisa joins our previous Casting Calls winners for the chance to win a new Playboy photo shoot.

Jade - 2010 Tanya - 2010 Alyssa - 2008
Bella - 2008 Natalie - 2008 Ariana Diabla - 2008
Allysha - 2007 Samantha - 2005 May - 2002

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  • Guest
    You guys should do more casting calls. They were great.
  • sveltefamilyman
    I think you may have accidentally turned off your caps lock.
  • tombraider709
    I hope they do Dallas 2011 soon. I know who I'm voting for!
  • Sylvester Fauzon
    Sylvester Fauzon
    Nut ticklin' goes north of the border. Grand royal style! Yes!!!!!!!!! :D
  • Natalie
    Ahhhh i remember this! 2010 i did my shoot too :) Tanya all the way .. She looks amazing!