City Bikes

By Staff

We've rolled out our favorite city bikes just in time for spring.

We love the look of city bikes. The fact they’re intended for short rides through the crowded summer streets means the attention to aesthetic detail is compulsory. You could buy an old battered mountain bike off of Craigslist for twenty bucks to get from point A to point B, but a tasteful mode of transportation is something you should think about investing in.


Inspired by the look of bikes from the past and built with the everyday man in mind, cycling company Opus designed the urban bike Topolino. We love it for its attention to detail, like the reflector on the back fender and light aluminum frame which makes it easier to haul up a flight of stairs. Fashioned with leather grips and saddle, a chain cover and optional back rack, this seven speed bike makes showing up to the office in your three piece suit by bike an option. The Topolino bike goes for around five hundred dollars. Read more about it on


Weight: 30lbs

Brakes: LeeChi TX-119, V-Brake

Shifters: Shimano SL-RS35, Tourney 7 speed

Roadster Classic

Simplicity is sometimes the best way to go. Designers who created the Linus Roadster Classic say that the bike was inspired by the bikes seen in French and Italian cinema from the 50’s and 60’s, and is a bike stripped down to its purest form. We like that it has an unpretentious look. Sticking to a smart looking leather seat and grips and one speed, adding any more accessories would be over kill. The Roaster Classic goes for about five hundred and fifty dollars. Read more about it on


Weight: 26.5lbs

Brakes: Back brakes Shimano coaster (no front brakes)

Shifters: n/a


With the relaxed style of a 30’s path racer and equipped with all of the modern components the urban man needs, the Guv’nor, designed and hand built by Pashley, is a cyclists dream. It’s definitely an indulgent bicycle, with its single rear wheel with 28 inch gold lined black alloy rims, branded titanium leatherback saddle and leather grips, you can almost be certain if you have this bike you’ll be the only one. Depending on where you are in the world, the Guv'nor can go upwards of 1,500 dollars. Read more about it on


Weight: ???

Brakes: Sturmey Archer hub brakes

Gears: Sturmey Archer single speed


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