Ultimate Gentleman: Coachella, Triple Crown Whiskey, Herschel Supply

By Vanessa Butler

<p>Get in the know with this week's Ultimate Gentleman.</p>

The hottest ticket of the year kicks off its first weekend hours from now, and if you’re missing it you’re going to regret it. Yes, the tickets for Coachella have been sold out for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dole out some funds to ticket scalpers, or, if you’re really not ready to part with that much money to rub shoulders with 99,000 fellow music lovers, you can always tune in to the festival when it streams live on YouTube. We can’t wait for the return of Outkast and to finally see Lorde in the flesh as we stuff ourselves silly with food from The Church Key, Beer Belly and the one and only Christian Page! Stream Coachella live on YouTube.com

There are a lot of whiskeys out there, but have you ever seen a premium whiskey that comes in a plastic pouch? It sounds a little juvenile, but since summer is coming the concept piqued our interest. North American blended whiskey Triple Crown is currently cornering the market on premeasured singles and doubles packaged in a light and leakproof flexible pouch that’s perfect for throwing into your cooler, suitcase or even your pocket. “Bulky bottles and broken glass are a thing of the past with our flexible pouches, which fit easily into your pocket and lie flat on top of packed coolers,“ said Vic Morrison, Vice President of Marketing at McCormick Distilling."With its superior taste and exceptional value, Triple Crown is set to rival all other whiskeys, particularly during the holiday season as we celebrate convenient packaging and seasonal recipes.” Triple Crown’s single-serve pouches retail for approximately$1.99,$2.99 for double-serve pouches. Find out more on TripleCrownWhiskey.com

What is your coffee doing for you besides keeping you alert throughout the day? If you’re a fan of Playboy, you’ll know that many of the women we keep in good company with are huge animal rights activists and are always looking for ways to incorporate their love and passion for dogs into their daily lives. Enter Grounds & Hounds. This coffee company may still be in its infancy, but its positive message caught our attention immediately. With every bag of 100 percent fair trade– and organic-certified coffee sold, 20 percent of the revenue is used to support rescue organizations across America. Choose from six varieties on GroundsandHoundsCoffee.com

Herschel Supply’s nautical-inspired 2014 Spring Studio Collection has been making waves ever since the first glimpses of the pieces hit the web. Utilizing water- and tear-resistant sailcloth, they’ve designed 12 pieces fit for any journey. Pieces go from $25 to $80 and are available at HerschelSupply.com

Now that we’ve got that polar vortex out of the way, we can finally enjoy the perks of spring before we have to deal with the sweltering heat of summer. Instead of clocking extra hours at the gym to work off all the winter weight, we’ll be investing in a flashy new bike to hit the town on. Pure Fix Cycles’ Pure Glow fixed-gear bikes capitalize on the trendiness and safety of glow-in-the-dark paint. We’re going for The Zulu that gives you one hour of extreme green glow after you leave it outside for an hour in the sun. The Zulu goes for $400 and can be found on PureFixCycles.com

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