Coed Joi Hollie to star on MTV's The Real World: Portland

By Staff

<p>We foresee a very sexy season of <i>The Real World: Portland:</i> Coed of the Week Joi Hollie has been cast as one of the housemates! <br></p>

We foresee a very sexy season of The Real World: Portland in our near future as our Coed of the Week Joi Hollie has been cast as one of the housemates! “I didn’t know what to expect,” Joi told Portland newspapers in preparation for the show. “You don’t know who you’re going to be living with, or whether they like you.” As the preview of MTV’s hit reality show indicates, the boys will be doing anything and everything to catch her eye, so getting along with the cast shouldn’t be hard for Joi. Wouldn’t you do the same if you found out one of your housemates posed for Playboy?

“When my roommates found out I was in Playboy they freaked out! The boys’ jaws hit the floor and the girls were jealous. Again, just how I like it! The boys actually printed out the picture and posted it on the wall. Being in Playboy and having it announced on MTV is something everyone asks me about. I was young, and I never had a better experience being naked in front of people with cameras in the room. [laughs] I guess it’s my only experience! At the end of the day I’m the shit because I’m in Playboy. And I would love to do it again!”

Joi, now going by her real name Joi Niemeyer for the show, hails from Hanville, W.A. and graduated in Communications from the University of Washington in 2012. Joi originally appeared in the “Girls of the Pac-10,” which featured the hottest girls from the Pac-10 conference of 2010 in the October issue of Playboy. “The Spring Foam party is my favorite because it’s one dirty little secret,” Joi told Playboy back in 2010. “Anything can go down in the foam!”

“My experience on The Real World has made me realize how precious time is and how quickly opportunities come and go. I loved and hated the house and at times my roommates as well! But I also made some of the best friends and memories. It was out-of-control fun and crazy! Just how I like it! It was all in all a good experience and worth it. I have been able to travel post-Real World, which has been the best part of the experience so far.” 

In the first episode she divulged to her housemates that she once had her nipples pierced and let her Playboy past slip, which apparently had at least one guy already eying her as “definitely his type.” Line up, boy; we think she’s everyone’s type!

“My favorite moment in the house was when we went to Dante’s Inferno. What a cool bar/strip club! I grabbed a dancer’s boob, they were nice! But it was the beginning of a lot of events that take place in the house. Wild time at that place! Dancers and skin everywhere!”

Tune into The Real World: Portland on MTV starting this Wednesday at 10/9c.

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